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08 Mar 2012 22:49 #25350 by Adonai
I am trying to publish (as in, actually get books published and sent to me that I can then sell in bookstores, through amazon, etc) a book called Into the Crimson Light, which collects 80 pages of my best fantasy and horror artwork of the last 20 years. The work has been used in comics, role playing games, low budget film posters, done as private commissions, and more. To publish this, I need to raise a certain amount of funds. This is where the organization Kickstarter comes in. At their site (and the link you will see below), I am raising money to publish this book, and I am under a deadline. By March 24th, I need to raise about 2400 dollars. I am about 1/3rd of the way there with only about 2 weeks left.

So, this is where you come in. If you would like to support my effort, you will get something in return. At the link below, you can pledge and see what your pledge will get you. Rewards include signed books, books with sketches inside, original paintings, prints, etc, depending on how much you pledge. No money will be collected until the goal is reached (if it is).

So, the link is

Please, if you like my work, would like to support me, or just want me to shut up about it, go there and take part!

thanks everyone,

Ken Meyer Jr.
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15 Mar 2012 13:45 #25919 by Ankha
Update #3: More pages added!
Posted about 2 hours ago
I added 8 more pages if images, making the book 88 pages (including covers, and including new work that has yet to be published). Any of you that have been kind enough to pledge, feel free to raise your pledge amount, whether it's to support the book or get more rewards (or both). Only 8 days left and a thousand dollars to to. Please spread the word, I am getting nervous!

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15 Mar 2012 19:45 #25955 by bakija
More of you VTES people should go and support this--you can kickstart in $20.00, which, ya know, gets you a cool book if it works. And it looks like it will be a cool book.

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