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EC organisers seminar: "eliciting best practices"

Oscar Garza, L. Scott Johnson, Robin Tatu, David Tatu, Ginés Quiñonero, Johannes Walch, Andreas Nusser, (David Quiñonero), Bea Düring (moderating)

6th of August 2007

"The Flying Scotsman", Gothenburg, Sweden

  • 4 areas identified before hand regarding VTES continental championships: publicity, cost/financing, venue, organising
  • Invitations to former EC, NAC and larger VTES event organizers
  • Method: 1 area at a time, collecting input via post-its, structuring post-its and identifying overlapping areas (removing duplicates, clarifying content), collecting specific EC-input based on the practices/areas identified


  • Post to popular VTES forums and newsgroups
  • Link from webpage
  • Present new EC place and month at current EC (maybe not possible to present a location – I suggest the organizers present their concept)
  • Coverage on after event (also a coverage several months ahead on
  • Submit events to calendar
  • Create standard webpage on
  • Publish date on website 9 months ahead
  • Have live cam as weekend documentation
  • Schedule and tournament kits
  • Keep website updated
  • Get schedule for LCQ, side events and local events
  • Link to travel airport
  • Give detailed final round report
  • Email other princes
  • Email players in the area (player registry)
  • Phone calling every one you know about the event and hammer down a commitment

  • Print business cards for advertising events (include in card shipments etc)
  • Flyers and posters in rpg shops
  • Ads on fan forums
  • Push information through the retail chain
  • Advertise in magazines


  • Subsidies from local administration (municipal funding)
  • Subsidies from governement/city
  • EU
  • White wolf money
  • RPG shops
  • Local retail support/sponsoring distributors
  • Remove dependency of single individual of financing events

Per Player Cost:
  • Shop around for venue with low costs
  • Preregister - get the cash
  • Event registration fees (on-site registration higher)
  • Reduce entrance fee if possible
  • Off season flight and hotels

Second Market/Costs
  • Sale of boosters for Duffin draft in between rounds
  • On- site sales of boxes in cooperation with a retailer
  • T-shirts
  • Sell custom edges
  • Sell of exclusive EC promo stuff and souvenirs
  • Special sales (anniversary kits)
  • Auction of table cloth or similar
  • Sell refreshments/drinks and snacks

  • Keep your time accountable (minimum of (central) 4 organizers)
  • Assume that everyone is helpless and stupid (provide rules, near food and transport instructions)
  • Contracts with group (keys, access day and night) if venue is not all inclusive
  • All inclusive location (room, hotel, food, refreshments)
  • Schedule off season
  • Find cheap hotels and airfares (infrastructure for travels to and from event, airport etc)
  • Opening hours
  • Separate rooms for side events (mutiple rooms main events, side events, free play)
  • Enough room for 200 players
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Enough area suited for mass registration
  • Use table cloths for events (secure table cloth with tape)
  • Clock indicating remaining time in each round
  • Accoustic preparation if possible (noise, announcements)
  • Public access system
  • Pentagonal/round tables
  • Toilets close to reduce game delay
  • Keep bathrooms clean and accessible
  • Tidy/clean location
  • Easy access
  • Microphone/loudspeaker announcements (sound system)
  • On time registration, breaks and events
  • Ventilation/manage temperature in location
  • Accommodations have to be close/hotels right next to venue
  • Restaurants close to venue
  • Offer snacks and meals on-site (or within 5 minutes)
  • Inform attendees about local attraction and nightlife (local guides/appointed meeting places)
  • Right neighborhood
  • Bleachers for watching finals
  • Video wall or screen to broadcast final/adequate finals viewing
  • Non-smoking venue
  • Microphone on finalists
  • Check rules for filming hands and play during finals
  • Negotiate insurance (contact venue owners and find out)

  • Preregistration on (standard)
  • On-site registration on multiple computers (number of players/30)
  • Solve on-site registration logistics (laptops, network, cash box)
  • Solve registration process ( staff plans, routines, roles)
  • Don’t let people enter before they register
  • Name tags or badges
  • Have armbands to indicate registration type
  • People in charge of games with added time
  • Public relations personel
  • Have a post mortem after ec (organisers seminar)
  • Telephone number organisers
  • Organisers properly identified
  • Judges, judges, judges - judges in uniform
  • Have all the events start in time
  • Seating co-ordinator
  • Technical director (computers, network, infrastructure, connectivity, eletrical outlets)
  • Social co-ordinator
  • Documentation/archiving person (traceability)
  • Results entry persons (tables/archon)
  • Assistants (non vtes players)
  • Have enough staff
  • Announcements immediately before start of rounds
  • Create spouse info/events
  • Strict timeline
  • Have overlapping registration
  • Deadlines or planning schedules (announcements regarding "day of x/y/z" - all tasks)
  • Seat players as soon as possible/then fuss with the archon
  • Print out seating (on multiple spots)
  • Collecting results after rounds (3-4 people)
  • Two head organisers (side events/main tournament)
  • Princes organise side events
  • Information updates to players
  • FAQ (handout at registration)
  • Policies regarding behaviours (late additions)
  • Available translators
  • Evaluate event/tournament
  • Media coverage stuff
  • Lock away possibility/storage
  • Lunch breaks
  • Notify local restaurants of events/stay open late (try to get a price deal ”special menu” with nearby restaurants)
  • Hotel/restaurant and travel information (try to get a price deal with local hotels)

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