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25 Jan 2014 03:07 #58837 by Juggernaut1981

I am a liitle bit late and i am not sure, if this is been discussed before. But i noticed the new rule about qualifying, that has replaced the old 25%/33% rule.

"Players with 1 GW or more in a Continental Championship Qualifier event in 2014 are qualified."

Any game win gets you qualified IF it is at a Qualifier event. Mine have tended to have 2 or 3 tables with 3 rounds. So between 6 and 9 players can qualify.

- The rule makes it harder to qualify. Before you had to be in the top 25% of players. Now you have to be in the 20% (or less if a player has more than one GW) that make a game win.
- The rule rewards not playing to win the tournament, but to win one game. For example: It is now better to play a deck, that takes one in three GW, than to play a deck, that is more stable and has a bigger chance of winning the tournament. So we will see different decks.

You are also forgetting that the winner of ANY 10-player tournament also qualifies.

Can someone enlighten me, why the rule change?

You generally want better players at Championships, by setting the bar to "Has 1GW" you are unlikely to get rogue players who can't win a game AND you are likely to qualify more players all at the same time.

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27 Jan 2014 21:44 #58899 by Pascal Bertrand

A question was raised here in South America about the Qualifiers.

We are doing it this year, so many players came back.

But my question is if we can qualify all 10+ tournament winners in 2013, since we did not have qualifiers for that year.

Is it possible?

Thank you Pascal.

Players who won a 10+player event in South America since SAC 2013 are qualified (per the current rules) for any 2014 Continental Championships.

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28 Jan 2014 02:07 #58903 by Pascek
Perfect Pascal, thank you.

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