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Poll: What to do with V5 storyline characters

New adv versions
15 62.5%
Change adv versions
No votes 0%
New and different base versions
7 29.2%
Other(comments please)
2 8.3%
Total number of voters: 24 ( Sydnelson, DarkSchnneider, Nev, PetriWessman, nergalmcl ) See more
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29 Nov 2018 19:43 #92151 by Kraus

And about the multiple advanced options...this is interesting, but very confusing Will the third theo bell be a Advanced Advanced Theo Bell? Or Advanced 2 Theo Bell? How will the interactions be? Will Theo Bell pokémon evolve again in a advanced 3 card when we have V6 in 5-10 years?

Not really hard in my opinion: you always have the base version, and an advanced version. Not a base version with as many advanced versions as possible. Basically, you'll have a pick of your "base + X" where X is any one version of the advanced vampire.

At least that would be the easiest way of doing it with as little hassle as possible.

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30 Nov 2018 12:46 - 30 Nov 2018 12:46 #92157 by Bloodartist

The same name with at least a two grouping difference should be fine. I'm not sure if a modified name is necessary, or if contesting should be allowed.

I also think that different versions of the base version vampires in a different group would be a good idea.

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04 Dec 2018 08:41 #92234 by Tomas
I think the ideal for the future would be linking vampires so that you could have base versions of a vampire in every other group and advanced in the other, so base versions in group 2,4 and 6 and advanced versions in 3 and 5 as an example.

The already existing ones are alot trickier. Seems like a giant mess to get multiple base and/or advanced in the same group and new rules would be required regarding ”multi merging” and I dont think we want to make more convoluted rules to the game so that leaves making new base vampires in other groups.

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04 Dec 2018 08:43 #92235 by Tomas
An adv version of Victoria Ash feels warranted imho:)
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05 Dec 2018 17:05 #92273 by jaakkon
I think it's best BC decides how to handle each character individually.
In my opinion, if you view VTM and VTES as 'Storytelling games',
the machinations of the VTES Methuselahs happen on the metaplot level of VTM.
So in a sense, as we try to oust each other around a table,
we are exploring alternate metaplots that can happen to the storyline characters,
or are happening in the shadows while the VTM characters are hunting.

Because VTES is in a sense a very epic-level game, often we already have the cards to accommodate the V5 character evolution if that furthers our plots.
I haven't read the new VTM material, so these examples are only things I have picked up at this forum, mostly:
  • Banu Haqim: we have the card Revocation of Tyre, also I suppose BC is going to publish a playable crypt or two of new Camarilla Assamites
  • Carna: an advanced version as Anarch is definitely possible, and probably welcome.
  • Theo Bell: there are a lot of ways for Theo to go anarch in the game, I don't think we need errata or more advanced versions.
If Black Chantry would like us to repeat the characters' stories from the fiction,
it could help if they design cards that make it a valid strategy (or just a tactic) to have the character make the choices they have done in VTM.
I don't think these characters have been played by anybody to get there in VTM?

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