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28 Jan 2013 08:15 - 18 Jul 2017 10:58 #44519 by Pascal Bertrand
1 - Quote cardtext. As a remainder, the only official source for cardtext is the vekn website . Even though some other sources are updated, not all are, and I don't have a list of who has updated their list.

2 - Use questions marks to indicate yout questions. "I think I can do it." isn't really a question. "Can I do it?" is way better.

3 - Be explicit. I try to fill the gaps when possible, but sometimes I don't know what the real question is. This is easily checked. If "Yes" or "No" is enough to answer your question without leaving any doubts, then it's perfect :) I'll give details as often as I can (because "The Rulesmonger said so" isn't really enough for many people). If your question involves specific cards, it's better to name the cards rather than to try to be generic.

4 - I'll try to mark with a Green validation mark questions topics that have been answered. I'll mark with a Red exclamation mark topics that need attention from the Rules Team (for later cardtext updates, rules changes, additions to the Rulings pages, etc). Please avoid using these two. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, that's OK - it's merely here to help me browse through the topics).
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