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19 Nov 2015 18:31 #74444 by Squidalot

The rulebook has been amended and perfected for about 20 years. It's unwise to scratch it because some people would like it to be written differently, not because it's wrong, but just because they'd prefer a "200+" (pages I suppose) document. Or because they read it wrongly.

The rulebook isn't really fit for purpose - and to be clear you can't [in this context] read wrongly you can interpret incorrectly, which is what happens

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19 Nov 2015 18:34 - 19 Nov 2015 18:36 #74445 by 2wayspeaker
Since we're already offtopic. I'm just gonna chime in my opinion about the rules/rulebook/clarity as a new player.

1) I really like the dps because it's sadly the only place you can find an overview on the sequencing and timing of cards other than in the webs of the mind of the old methuselah explaining the game to you. This should really get a decent visualisation and should be added in the centerfold of the next rulebook.

2) The rulebook is consise, I think this is good. The rules are a short but dense read.
But I will follow Jeptha in this: "Because lsj said so" "rulings" like The Baron not being a Baron. I dislike the mental gymnastics used to say The Baron is not a Baron. Why would you name it a Baron if it's not? I have the same feeling about queen anne but less so about roland bishop or eze the demon prince. Though in my opinion name is part of the card text and keywords like prince in the name are for me the same as keywords in the cardtext. As a new player I was also 'corrected' on this but I don't agree with the because LSJ said so argument (because it's not an argument and I think the explanation about it in the other topic was lacking any foot to stand on). Which is why this and other "because lsj said so" rulings should be included in text in the next version of the rulebook. (Like bima + agent of power which received a takeback from lsj after he saw the devastation but according to cardtext is totally viable)

3) The clarifications and addendums of cardtext/mechanisms need a central searchable databasebwith consise answers linking to the reference topic it stems from.
Currently searching on ancient news groups is unfeasible for me as a new player. The answers are usually also spread over multiple topics and years/sites. Also the vekn search is lacking because the search field is very limited and you can't filter for the rules board.

I hang out on the rulesboard a lot and am happy about the clear and expansive responses provided by Ankha and James. For me personally it's a good answer. But for the person looking for it it's bad because it's a 12 post long topic that might or might not answer theirs and includes a lot of speculation and guesswork as well as the answer.

Wat we need is for each of these a consise version that hyperlinks through to the reference topic. Unified in one place and searchable by card/combo to see if any questions about it have been asked and answered.
Much like:

But with even more questions and anwers and with hyperlinks
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20 Nov 2015 13:47 #74474 by ReverendRevolver
Let's raise enough money for like 4 people to leave their jobs for a month and add all these rulings to every card in secret library. It'll be like the Gatherer used to be, we can have an expandable list of rulings button on ever page.

I'm just excited by Jeepers questions, as I interpreted it to mean he was building another deck. Finally. I won't always play spirit marionette, grave rob, or a billion deflections to make Nergal a good table threat to have around.

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