file How does Derange interact with infernal vamps when path of evil revelations is in play?

01 Jan 2016 23:35 #74855 by Tharimvol
Hi everyone, Happy new Year! May your bleeds be large and many.

I played in a tournament recently and my prey was a Bali bleed deck. I was playing a malkavian antitribu and nosferatu antitribu Derange/inside dirt blood denial deck. In reflecting on the tournament I realise I may have not played my derange cards forward enough. This was because I was uncertain of the way in which Derange interacts with Path of evil revelations that was in play.

Of course I later went on to remove the path but not at a point where I could go on to capitalise. Though I rectified this in a subsequent round by going after the path as soon as it came out.

My question then is, does path of evil revelations bypass the blood cost of derange when untapping? My assumption is that it does because path takes place in the master phase while derange in the untap phase. So a Methuselah controlling a deranged infernal minion could opt to leave the deranged minion tapped in the untap phase and then use the path to untap them in the master phase. Thus bypassing the effect of derange?

I think I have answered my own question though feedback is welcome.


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02 Jan 2016 08:52 - 02 Jan 2016 08:53 #74859 by Ankha
Derange states that the vampire doesn't untap as normal.
Infernal states the same thing, so both effects overlap.
The infernal vampire with derange have two options during the untap phase : untapping by paying one blood (Derange) or untapping by paying 1 pool (infernal). It could do both, but it's probably a waste of resources.
Then during the master phase, the controller of the Path of Evil Revelations can pay 1 pool to untap all infernal vampires.

So, they are plenty of options to untap those vampires, but none takes precedence over another one.

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