file Order of draw and replace for Concealed Weapon under Infernal Pursuit

26 Sep 2018 13:18 #90772 by ReverendRevolver

....... Reading the words "You can ask a judge to confirm legal play" made me facepalm so hard I hurt myself. Asking a judge to make sure that a play is legal is just about as obtrusive as it gets, especially in tournaments where a judge tends to be also a player. You pause TWO games just to ensure that playing a card in normal way is legal.

Changing concealed/disguised weapons into such that the weapon is played at the same time, and thus both cards would be lost if CW is canceled springs to mind. It would feel bad to lose both cards to 1 card, but it would cut the amount of fuss involving backtracking extra card draws to zero.

I'm fairly certain that the "ask a judge if a play was legal" part was aimed at the beginning part of Bill's question where he directly stated hes seen it both ways and was essentially certain the one way way wrong. If someone cheats, accidentally or otherwise, asking the judge is the thing to do.
I've had people (probably due to cheatiness rather than ignorance) On the Q the same minion multiple times between turns. I've personally "ousted" with Marcellus and an Aire of Elation. Then 50 seconds later had an "oh shit, put your cards back!" Moment where I subsequently finished ousting with Jimmy Dunn and Sarah Brando bleeds of one. A judge was called to Inform we rewound and I was a moron.
But rulings by card will never be left to a judges discretion, as only PTW and potential intent rulings can fairly fall into there.

Now, ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY it would be great to have an app that had all the cards AND officially, currently updated rulings and FAQs by card. So basically extra rules added into Amaranth or something.

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