file Does Eccentric Billionaire combo with Summon History (when summoning equipment)?

02 Oct 2018 18:18 #90915 by ReverendRevolver

You are not 'paying' anything for the equipment you get with summon history, you only pay for the cost of the summon history action, which is completely unrelated to the equipment.

This all is what I've assumed for awhile, but is the confusion around the X being derived from a pool costing card? X is announced when the action is, before any given item would be out of the library or ash heap.
So while the cost of what you get is directly related to the amount of X, it's not the cost of an equipment (for things like Up Yours!) Or an ally (Cant push a summoned Hellhound off the Tower for 18 pool of X was 18 with a Citadel on you) and it is just an action.
The only truly ambiguous thing with SH is cornercase stuff:
Azaneal with :TEM: plays SH for let's say Renenet Into play.

Independent: Actions to put vampires in play cost Azaneal 1 less blood or pool. Infernal.

I'm 90ish% sure that since you declare X before hand, and it says or less, you dont retroactively gain a blood upon resolution because it ended up being an action to put a vampire into play. You dont name or target the desired card at the start. Am I correct?

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03 Oct 2018 04:45 #90929 by Klaital
That example wiht Azaneal I think actually would reduce the cost of summon history in that case, since you don't pay the cost for the action until it succeeds, so you would declare x is 5, and then since it is an action to put a vampire into play his special would make you only pay 4 blood for it. But in general the key with summon history is that the cost you pay is the cost of the action card summon history, not the cost of whatever you are bringing out with it.

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03 Oct 2018 14:20 #90938 by TapeTaChatte

OK I see you're making a distinction between playing and "put that card in play".

Yes, and he is right

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