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27 Oct 2018 14:33 #91528 by Mateusz

As far as I remember, only restriction were on cards with "during x do y" and similar templates, but Powerbase: Tshwane is not written that way. Ecoterrorist on the other hand, is only usable once every influence phase no matter how you untap it.

Ah, you are right, i did not remember that ecoterrorists had that clause.

But as you mention, PB:Tshwane does not have such a clause ...

"Renegade Garou, can do!"

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27 Oct 2018 19:39 #91533 by jamesatzephyr

Question: can i combine both cards to reduce the cost of a single card i play by 2 pool instead of one?


Powerbase: Tshwane's effect goes in the "as the card is played" window, before cancellation cards.

[LSJ 20051129]

> > > To follow up, must I tap the powerbase when the action is declared, or
> > > can I wait until just before the cost for the action is to be paid?
> >
> > Tap it when the card is played.
> Do you tap the PB:T before or after the window for DI?

Card text indicates it doesn't matter, but before is correct.

The only effects that can go in the "as played" window are:

- cancellation effects
- wakes
- other cards that require that as per the Golden Rule for Cards (such as, here, the Powerbase)

Some effects can cancel a card "as it is played." These effects as well as wake effects (see Special Terms, sec. 11) are the only effects allowed during the "as played" time period of another card. Even drawing to replace cards comes after this time period.

House of Sorrow is not a canceller, not a wake, and does not go in that window by the Golden Rule for Cards.

Once you are outside the "as played" window, you can tap House of Sorrow. But by then it's too late to re-tap PB:T.
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