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16 Feb 2019 16:05 #93497 by TryDeflectingThisGrapple
My concern is more that we focus, in minute detail, on card text as a framework for play.

- This is how Marus Streck gets to borderline-broken levels of intercept dumping in spite of that (likely) not being design intent.
- Self-Tempting to multiact was not design intent, but works.
- Baba Yaga untaps when employing in combat through Pack Alpha because she lacks any reference to needing to be acting for the untap clause.

The list of examples where text matters could be a lot longer than that. But with Blood Siege, we can highlight a very clear, completely broken effect if one were to "RTFC" and actually do what it says.

Thus, it seems like a reasonable thing to put on a "please errata" list so that the CSV reflects more appropriate text - or at the very least, include an entry in the card-specific rulings section here on VEKN.

I guess that's all I would ask for in this case, and it seems both reasonable and relatively low effort.
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16 Feb 2019 18:44 #93502 by TwoRazorReign
Replied by TwoRazorReign on topic Blood Siege

Unhelpfully, we have card text on Blood Seige that prompted 2 people to ask the same question 17 years apart, with nothing appearing in the card rulings section on this website about what the card text actually means.

Thanks for volunteering your labour to create a comprehensive database of every ruling ever!

Or are you just moaning that other people won't do that for you?

What? Nobody said anything about a database in this thread. There’s no need to get defensive about a stranger’s comment on the internet stating what happened.

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