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09 Jan 2020 09:05 - 09 Jan 2020 09:14 #98483 by Snodig
There seems to be some ambiguity as to whether the limitation on repeating modifiers (or reactions) applies to the way the card is played, or the card itself.
This usually does not matter, except for combo-cards, where an action modifier card can be played during AND after combat, which is at odds with section 6.2:

Taking an Action (section 6.2):

Note that action modifiers and reaction cards can be played at any time in this process as appropriate, subject to the restrictions on adding stealth and intercept listed below and the restrictions against the same minion playing the same action modifier or reaction card more than once

Summary of the Course of an Action (section 6.2, subheading):

Also remember that the same minion cannot play the same action modifier or reaction card more than once per action.

1.6.3 Minion Cards, however, does not specify "card":

A minion cannot play the same action modifier more than once during a single action.

Unless I'm mistaken this is purely editoral.
If not played as a modifier, it does not count for these purposes.
The word "card" could be removed from these sections to reduce ambiguity.
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