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Do not forget, that those withdrawals HAVE to be played out. That means emptying the library, don' t losing blood or pool after the announcement of the withdrawal. Because in that gamestate ousting of the withdrawer is more than possible and oops! gamewin gone.
I do not like these deals, as they often enough punish players, who played good and managed to get their prey in ousting range and then some smarta** plays kingmaker for a VP.
But they seem to be covered by the rules.

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13 Sep 2020 17:26 #100771 by Ankha
Replied by Ankha on topic Withdrawal deals

C and D manage to oust A.

Is D bound to the previous deal in the 1 to 1 situation?

D has 1 vp. If C withdraws, D gets the GW (which fulfills the PTW condition).
C must try to oust D. However, if D sends C's vampires to torpor, then C can only maximize their VP by withdrawing.
But it's up to D to see if C can withdraw or if D wants to have a GW3 instead.

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