file Dragos vs Terror frenzy. Potenttially conflicitng rulings.

09 Jun 2021 13:28 - 09 Jun 2021 13:29 #102440 by Hobbesgoblin
Dragos has the following ruling:
LSJ 19990223

If Dragos's opponent plays superior Terror Frenzy, Dragos has to burn one blood for each combat card he plays in that combat.

Terror Frenzy has the following Ruling:
LSJ 20070829-1

[ANI] Superior Terror Frenzy affects card costs.

These rulings seem to me to be in conflict.

The latter is based on RTR 20070707, wich states

All cost-affecting cards operate no matter how the card is played ("as normal" or otherwise). All multiplication and division is handled first, followed by addition and subtraction.
Note that pay nothing still means pay nothing, even if something else would add to the cost. So costs for cards canceled by Sudden Reversal or Direct Intervention are still not paid, for example. And Bauble and Horrid Reality still gets weapons for free. And similar for Helena and Dragos.

This change seems to overrule the Ruling on Dragos, wich is 8 years older, before this reinterpretation adn the subsequent Change in Cardtext, yet the ruling on Dragos is still listed as a card ruling, despite being in conflict with the later ruling and the new card text.
If this is the case, the now invalid ruling should be removed.


Terror Frenzy
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09 Jun 2021 13:46 #102441 by drnlmza
LSJ confirmed that the old ruling was obselete in , so it should be removed.

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