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08 Sep 2021 18:17 #103067 by Krusti
Can I use Vagabond Mystic's ability to heal my Renegade Garou (the ally itself doesn't matter) if the opposing minion has played Carrion Crows + Aid from Bats before he dies? Damage from Carrion Crows and Aid from Bats is resolved at the same time, but being those two cards two different instances of damage, is there an opportunity to take, for example, the damage from Carrion Crows first, then use Vagabond Mystic's ability, and then take the damage from Aid from Bats?

This old ruling implies that damage from a same source can't be divided: 
  • Resolving multiple points of (simultaneous) damage is done all at once - you cannot interrupt the process to play some other effect (like tapping the Vagabond Mystic).  [LSJ 20001111]
Is it the same when damage is from different sources, but they are resolved in the same step of combat?

Card texts:Name: Vagabond Mystic
[SW:U, Third:U]
Cardtype: Ally
Unique mortal with 2 life. 0 strength, 0 bleed.
Lock Vagabond Mystic to move 1 life counter from the blood bank to an ally you control who has fewer life than his or her starting amount. The Vagabond Mystic cannot block vampires.
Artist: Brian LeBlancName: Renegade Garou
AKA: Renagade Garou
[Jyhad:R2, VTES:R, Anarchs:R2, KoT:R]
Cardtype: Ally
Clan: Gangrel
Cost: 5 pool
Werewolf with 3 life. 2 strength, 0 bleed.
Renegade Garou gets an additional strike {(limited)} each round and an optional maneuver each combat. He may enter combat with a minion controlled by another Methuselah as a +1 stealth (D) action. If Renegade Garou has 2 or fewer life during your unlock phase, he gains 1 life from the blood bank.
Artist: Daniel Gelon; John Bridges

Name: Carrion Crows
[Sabbat:C, SW:C/PT2, CE:PN2, Anarchs:PG2, BH:PN3, LoB:PA2, Third:C, LotN:PR3, KoT:C, SP:DoF5, FB:PN5, V5:PN2]
Cardtype: Combat
Discipline: Animalism
Only usable before range is determined. A vampire can play only one Carrion Crows each combat.
[ani] The opposing minion takes 1R environmental damage each round this combat during normal strike resolution.
[ANI] As above, but for 2R environmental damage.
Artist: Michael Dixon; Richard Thomas

Name: Aid from Bats
[Jyhad:C, VTES:C, CE:C/PN3, Anarchs:PG2, Third:C, KoT:C, FB:PN6]
Cardtype: Combat
Discipline: Animalism
[ani] Strike: 1R damage, with 1 optional maneuver.
[ANI] As above, with 1 optional press.
Artist: Melissa Benson; Eric Lofgren

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08 Sep 2021 19:10 #103068 by kschaefer
The summary of that link is poorly worded.  If you click through, you'll see it answers your question already.

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08 Sep 2021 22:21 #103072 by lip
Happy to get a better wording suggestion : - D

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09 Sep 2021 03:39 #103073 by kschaefer
How about this:

For the current damage resolution step, all unprevented damage is dealt with at one time. Resolving unprevented damage (mending or preventing destruction) is not interruptible regardless of the number of sources of that damage.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Rémi, lip

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