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11 Nov 2021 16:49 #103852 by XZealot
Amaranth Anathema was created by XZealot
Can Amaranth trigger Anathema?

Relavent Card Text

Only usable by a vampire who can commit diablerie. Only usable when the opposing vampire should go to torpor. Diablerize the opposing vampire instead. Not usable by a vampire being burned or going to torpor.

Diablerie (p.34 of rulebook)
By committing diablerie, the diablerist drains
the victim of their blood and grows stronger, and
may take whatever equipment the victim had.
Vampiric society condemns this act, however, so
the risk may outweigh the reward.
Diablerie is the act of sending another vampire to final death by drinking their blood.
Only ready vampires can commit diablerie.
The vampire committing diablerie is referred
to as the diablerist. Diablerie is resolved
as follows:
1. All blood on the victim is moved to the
diablerist. Blood in excess of their capacity
drains off as normal.
2. The diablerist may take any equipment on
the victim.
3. The victim is burned. Any cards and counters on them are also burned.

Political Action
Requires a prince or justicar.Choose a ready vampire. If the referendum is successful, put this card on that vampire. If the vampire with this card is reduced to zero blood in combat, he or she is burned, and the Methuselah controlling the opposing minion gains pool equal to the burned vampire's capacity.

By the rules, the vampire who is being diablerized IN COMBAT is by the rules REDUCED TO ZERO BLOOD which should trigger Anathema.

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11 Nov 2021 19:39 #103862 by Legion
Replied by Legion on topic Amaranth Anathema
Short answer is NO. Vampire lose blood during the diablerie not ‘in combat’. Obv he should go to torpor with 1+ blood or Anathema triggers first and you can’t play Amaranth in this case.

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12 Nov 2021 18:00 #103872 by Ankha
Replied by Ankha on topic Amaranth Anathema

Prince of Paris, France
Ratings Coordinator, Rules Director

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