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24 Nov 2021 16:38 #103976 by Rémi
Dear all,

Could you please explain me why Jack Drake cannot make Web of Knives Recruit Anarch, please?
I am quite sure he cannot but I can't find the true reason.

Card Text:
Name: Web of Knives Recruit
Cardtype: Action
Put this card in play in your uncontrolled region with 3 training counters. During your unlock phase, burn 1 training counter from this card. You can burn training counters from no more than two Web of Knives Recruit cards each unlock phase. After the last training counter is burned, move this card to your ready region; it becomes a 3-capacity (non-unique) Independent Banu Haqim with Celerity [cel], Obfuscate [obf], Potence [pot], Quietus [qui] and 3 blood who is Blood cursed.

Name: Jack Drake
Cardtype: Vampire
{Anarch}: When you put a younger vampire in play from your uncontrolled region, that vampire may burn a blood to become anarch. +1 strength.

Thanks in advance.

I am Rémi Cavaillé (), Barcelona (SPAIN). I was the Prince of Lyon (France) a long time ago around 2003

Vampire: Rivals - Prince of the City Barcelona (Spain) 2022, July 2nd

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24 Nov 2021 17:05 - 24 Nov 2021 17:10 #103977 by inm8
When playing WoKR it is that action card that is being put into play, this is not a vampire at this the last counter is removed from the card it is moved to the ready region and becomes a vampire which doesn´t count as a vampire being put into play.

Jake Drake´s ability may be triggered by a younger vampire when he/she is put into play which for the above reasons WoKR doesn't qualify for.

Ruling supporting the above is [LSJ 20060616]
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