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03 Jul 2018 00:54 #88512 by Gmanari
"Kill the Prince, join the Crusade"

The next chapter of our league is called Blood Siege. The tournament will be held in Guarulhos, a city near São Paulo, in a Board Games pub! I'll be posting some of our photos here in this thread after the tournament. It's amazing to see all the support the brazillian community is giving to us to make these new events in São Paulo a sucess. We have been receiving messages of good fortune from North, Northeast, South, from the coastal region, everywhere! We would like also to thanks these people and you guys, from the international community for keeping the game alive and Black Chantry for ressurecting our hobby. <3

If any of you would like to support us on Facebook, you can like CRUZADA SP our page here or leave a nice message on our event here .

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