file The End, the last tournament in chile

09 Sep 2011 14:30 #9835 by victor_r
intentaremos que el vtes organizado aca no muera
personalmente yo no tengo tiempo(trabajo+estudio+2 hijos pequeños)
veremos si podemos conseguir algun voluntario que pueda oficiar de principe que lleve esto adelante. La gente de vtes se dejo de interesar por que algunos tienen otras prioridades y otros algunos conflictos personales

(tarzanlike english)
we will try(or a will try) Organized VTES Tournament in Chile don't Die
i don't have time(Work+Study+2 childe). we can search to another volunteer to become a prince, I'ts Hard to find a good prince(he/she must have time), many player left the play for personal troubles or another interest.

(Ginés ayudame si lo traduje mal)

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27 Sep 2011 10:40 #11049 by miketheknife
The first reason why the game stoped it's because most of us grew up :) (we went from a bunch of students to workers with demanding jobs, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives and in some cases, like victor, the 3 reasons mentioned :p )

Also, before our prince made the decision, we had too much tournaments (like 5 or more) with a 3, 4 or 5 people attendance, just after the announcement that the game were not on sale anymore.

BUT! there is a light of hope: this last tournament there was a 15 people attendance, so maybe the game is not that dead. It's true what most of you say: a new, motivated organization is needed... we need new blood.


Miguel Angel Cortés
NC (not-so coordinator) Chile

P.S: i'm going to try to participate more in this forum ;)

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27 Sep 2011 11:25 #11050 by Mephistopheles
Actually this is totally understandable. In the good old times almost every Hungarian tournaments had 40-60 players, even outside the capital city. The weekly Wednesday night casual games hosted more than 25 players every week. Sometimes you couldn't play because you were a little late and there was no table left at the restaurant to sit down!

Now we have 13-20 somewhat tournaments. We are happy if the Wednesday casual has enough players for 2 tables. Our community has shrunk a lot, even though we try hard to keep the game alive?

Reasons? Many people drop out because they are getting married, they pop out a parasite or two and have to feed it. It is very hard to get new players involved in an out of print game. We do get some, but not enough.

So I totally understand the situation. V:TES is slowly withering...

NC for Hungary

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27 Sep 2011 20:32 #11064 by Brum
In Portugal we have the same problem.
After Gehenna, we mainly have two types of players:
-The old hardcore players that have been involved in the game since Ryan Giggs was a junior upstart. (Change Ryan Giggs for Brett Favre if you are American).
-The new embraces that really don't know much about the game yet.

This brings the extra difficulty that the neonates don't have the cards or the skills of the veterans. And they might not like the odds they meet in tournaments.
Some don't stay in the game for long.

And thus it withers indeed.

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28 Sep 2011 04:38 #11073 by Mephistopheles

We discovered the same problem you described with the olda vs. new players in tournaments and that the new players don't like the odds, etc.

There is a solution for this! We organize a special tournament called Progeny tournament twice a year were only new players are allowed to play! This way they play without fearing to get vaporized. We old players observe the games and give them hints and tips after the games. Also we collect a bunch of cards we don't need and put them in a box. The new player may take from the box whatever they need for their decks for free. This actually works pretty well!

NC for Hungary

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