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23 May 2018 21:28 #87399 by Amenophobis
Hi fellow Methuselahs,

I have a rather big collection sitting on my shelf and collecting dust. I want this to change and offer it for sale.
I would like to sell it in one go, though be warned, that's a lot of cards to build decks from. :)

The collection contains all cards from all sets up to HttB (after which I stopped playing). Each vampire comes 4 times (or 8 or 12, depending upon if it's a star vampire or Tupdog or Anarch Convert, etc.), each non-unique library card comes 12 times (or way more in case of wake-type cards, stealth, intercept, some important combat cards, you name it, yes even the rare cards). Unique library cards come 6 times each in this collection (and here also: yes even the rares).
I really can't give an exact number, but I estimate this collection to be between 30k and 35k cards in total.
This collection is geared towards complete deck construction. It should contain everything a player needs to build all the decks one can think of.

I guess this collection is ideally suited for players who like the to play the game but had limited access to printed cards in the past. Everything is in there to create lots and lots of decks in all possible variations.
There are 21 binders in total, so shipping costs may be quite high, be warned. I'm located in Vienna, Austria.

If you want more information, or want to make me an offer, or have questions/comments, you can contact me at
c dot pilhatsch at gmx dot at.

I really would like this collection to go into the hands of a dedicated player, since VTES is a great game, so if you know someone who might be in dire need of cards, point them in this direction. Thank you very much! :SER: :lol:


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24 May 2018 07:27 #87417 by ScoundrelAtHeart
I have sent you an E-Mail.

:salu: Prince of Magdeburg
VEKN-ID: 5850005
Prince-ID: 615

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25 May 2018 06:54 #87484 by Amenophobis
Got it, thanks.

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