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09 Jul 2020 07:05 - 09 Jul 2020 07:06 #100298 by Old_Spirit
First of all I want to let everyone know that CardGameGeek has finally his own store, outside of eBay, which makes for better pricing overall, better shipping costs and, I think, a better experience.


Also a big thank you to all the ones that already ordered from the shop :)

On top of that great auctions running this week :T-Shirts , GP Promo and lot of singles!


Not the usual ones: 3 Official T-Shirts and the 2 GP Promo also up for the take!
Of course with lot of singles on top: Asanbonsam Ghoul, Disarm, Engling Fury, Path of the Evil Revelation and a ton more! See some in the pictures HERE or directly on eBay!

Auctions ending this Sunday (12th July), CEST evening.

Happy Bidding!
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