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25 May 2021 19:19 - 02 Jul 2021 20:36 #102318 by Kerath
Hello Metuselahs! 

Edit: SOLD!!

After having my cards for such a long time and to be honest, not much use with me, I want to sell my entire collection. For this matter, I want to sell it as a whole, so I discard the option of selling it in smaller sets or singles.

Some information on this. I started just before KoT and I have cards from all or most of expansions and ages until HttB and Lost Kindred (included) and some cards from the Anniversary.

It is a total of 4546 cards, of those 3416 are Library and the rest (1130) are vampires. The state of the vast majority of the cards is excellent to near mint, made from decks, boosters, tournament pick-ups, singles from internet and exchanges. Always sleeved to be played or storaged in an appropriate cardboard box.

The collection is for making decks and playing more than collection-about-editions; since even in my list I do not state the editions, they are varied and the duplicates are kept with some sanity, I prefer a balanced bulk than keeping all the cardboard because it is cool (normally filler or non-used cards I used to leave back in the store or gave them away)

Here is the LINK to the inventory.
I also add 2 preconstructeds, the Libertine Ball and Den of Fiends (Cards not listed in inventory)

Concerning shipping, it must be with a private courier such as DHL, for the safety of the package, ensuring tracking and delivery. I ship from Spain.

About the packaging, the cards are all in a cardboard box with rows for TCG and this box will be properly packaged in another box with the preconstructed decks and all packed against hits and moisture.

I have made plenty of decks here, starting out from those from my to a large list of Ventrue Lawfirm, Hardestadt in your face, Dmitra and Themistocles, Fatima multirush, Janni anarch, Samedi allies, Lasombra Powerbleed, Lasombra Nocturn, Baali Politics Daemonium, Carna.deck, a lot of Valerius Maior iterations, !Tre decks, Malkie bleed, Kyasid bleeder, Kiev bleeders, BB+Angelo SAN combat, Anneke wall, AAA, !Ventrue stickmen, Black Hands, Assamites, Thucimia Bleed, experiments with Temporis,Imbued deck, Choirs, Shattering Crescendos, Daughter of Cacophony Baronesses,and many more!

This is a good opportunity for a group that wants to get a considerable pool of cards with the basis (if not all) to make a considerable variety of decks, or for a competitive individual too. 

I will post this also on Facebook and feel free to contact me.
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25 May 2021 19:29 - 26 May 2021 10:41 #102319 by Paven

I am interested. 

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01 Jun 2021 14:48 #102357 by Bloups

I'm also interested if there are some cards left.

VEKN # 4690014

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02 Jun 2021 22:07 #102365 by Kerath
Both contacted, thank you for passing by!

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13 Jun 2021 05:52 #102473 by Quinn
I'm interested too if it's still available. I'm just starting my collection.

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