lightbulb Sutekh 1.0.1 released

21 Jul 2020 06:34 #100394 by drnlmza
On behalf of the Sutekh development team, I'm delighted to announce the release of Sutekh 1.0.1

Sutekh 1.0.1 is a bugifx release in the Sutekh 1.0 series.

Sutekh 1.0.1 fixes a number of bugs found in the Sutekh 1.0.0 release.

Notable fixes are:
  • Fix a bug with the MergedVampire plugin not supporting text with errata correctly.
  • Fix a bug with matching the incorrect expansion for the anarchs and alastors expansion.
  • Correctly describe the option to download the zip file of images.
  • Change to using gitlab as the source for extra data, as bitbucket links are obselete.
  • Prevent running cardlist updates when using the in-memory database to test upgrades.
  • Change promo image support to also handle the Promo Pack 2 reprinted cards.
  • Add a "download all missing images" option to make downloading images for new expansions less effort

Sutekh is available for Windows and Linux systems (with RPMs for Fedora and a PPA for Ubuntu).

Instructions for installing Sutekh can be found at: Sutekh Wiki

Sutekh 1.0.1 can be downloaded from Sourceforge

Ubuntu packages may be obtained from Sutekh's Launchpad PPA

Issues may be reported by emailing .

If you're new to Sutekh or want to read about what Sutekh can do, you might want to start with the Online Manual

Sutekh aims to be the swiss army knife of VTES card management applications -- we hope you'll give the release a try.

The Sutekh development team

National Coordinator
South Africa

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21 Jul 2020 11:57 #100397 by Lech
Replied by Lech on topic Sutekh 1.0.1 released
Is there chance to adjust python2 codebase for linux users ? Like in the issue

I'm not asking for doing it instantly, only to keep it in mind (as python2 is depreciated technology).

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Sabbat.Black Hand Shakar: Lech loathe ranged weapons. Once each action, he may burn 1 blood to become Camarilla Prince of Krakow until the end of the action.

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21 Jul 2020 18:22 #100401 by drnlmza
Replied by drnlmza on topic Sutekh 1.0.1 released
The development version of Sutekh has been ported to python 3. We hope to have a preview release of this available in the next few weeks, but there are still some bugs we need to fix first, and there are also some issues around packaging it properly (especially for windows) we need to solve.

National Coordinator
South Africa
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