• The AK-47 provides the bearer one optional maneuver "each combat". [LSJ 20070928]

Ablative Skin:

  • Cannot be used to prevent damage that cannot be prevented by cards that require Fortitude (e.g., Blood Rage and Blood Fury). [LSJ 19990216]

Absilmilard's Army:

  • The card used to represent the ally brought into play by Absilmilard's Army is face up (that is, the other players know which card it is). Although the name on that card is ignored (if something goes looking for a card by name, for instance). [LSJ 20040623] [LSJ 20071003]

Abyssal Hunter:

  • If ranged aggravated damage is inflicted at close range against him, it will burn the Hunter. [PIB 20110818]

Aching Beauty:

  • If an Aching Beauty vampire is blocked and the combat is canceled (via Change of Target or Obedience, for example), the blocker's controller still loses a pool. [RTR 19991206]


  • The damage from Aeron's special is environmental (not inflicted by Aeron). [LSJ 20070327]

Agent of Power:

  • If the Agent of Power skill card is used as a placeholder to represent something else (e.g., Shock Troops, Legion), then its text doesn't apply (including the "unique" part). So the Shock Troops vampire would simply be a 1-cap Sabbat with no clan and no Disciplines. Similarly for the fledging Legion (clanned, appropriately sected). [LSJ 20071001]

Al-Ashrad, Amr of Alamut:


  • If the weapon given costs blood, the target Alastor pays the cost. [LSJ 20040518]


  • Can use her untap ability at any point during the turn, including during a political action. [TOM 19960214]
  • If Alexandra taps a Toreador who was attempting to block, then that block will fail, since tapped minions cannot block. [RTR 19940624] [LSJ 19991025]


  • Only vampires who can commit diablerie can use Amaranth. If a vampire is prohibited from commiting diablerie, he can't use Amaranth to overcome the restriction. [RTR 19991001]


  • Burns the target vampire when the target is reduced to zero blood in combat, regardless of the source of the loss of blood (card text). Still won't burn a vampire just for entering a combat with zero blood, however - there must be an actual "reduction" in blood. [RTR 19980623]
  • Multiple Anathemas don't multy the pool gain. Once one Anathema resolves (burning the vampire), the others are burned (before they get to resolve). [LSJ 20021117]

Anesthetic Touch:

  • Doesn't end combat as a strike; it ends combat after strike resolution. Dog Pack doesn't restrict this effect. [LSJ 20011210]
  • A dodge won't prevent combat from ending after strike resolution. [LSJ 20011210]
  • Doesn't end combat until after strike resolution, so the damage can be prevented or healed as normal. [LSJ 20011210]

Angel of Berlin:

  • May be played after a block is successful before combat begins. [LSJ 20060410]

Angelica, The Canonicus:

  • Can only use her ability once each action (when attempting to block). [RTR 20030519]

Ankara Citadel:

  • Multiplication and divisions are applied first, followed by addition and substraction. [RTR 070707]

Annabelle Triabell:

  • Her ability applies to all Toreadors, not just ones in play at the time the action resolved. [LSJ 20040810]

Antoinette DuChamp:

Archon Investigation:

  • Declaring that one is not blocking is implicit in playing Archon Investigation. That is, Archon Investigation (like bleed bounce cards) is played after blocks are declined. [LSJ 20070203]


  • If a vampire blocks an Archon, he or she burns 1 blood regardless of which action the Archon was taking. (The use of the semi-colon in the V:TES text implies that the point of blood is burned only when the Archon is using his or her rush ability.) [RTR 19960221]
  • The card remains in play. The referendum to remove the effect burns the card. The card's effects can be stacked with other Archons. [RTR 20030519]


  • Arika's prey cannot end her untap phase if she controls a location that she hasn't burned a pool for, even if she gained control of that location sometime during her untap phase. [LSJ 19990405]

Art of Memory, The:

  • The effect is applied after resolving the action (including after all combats). [LSJ 20031112]

Ashes to Ashes:

  • The end of combat is triggered by the fact that the vampire is going to torpor - this can be interrupted by cards such as Undying Tenacity or Undead Persistence, but the vampire would still be wounded. [LSJ 20021122]

Astrid Thomas:

  • Astrid's ability is "activated" when votes are tallied. [RTR 20001020]
  • Tremere who have not yet voted can choose to abstain. [RTR 19941006]
  • If Astrid's votes are canceled by an effect such as Pulled Strings, the other Tremere votes are unaffected. [RTR 19960530]

Aura of Invincibility:

  • If the initial referendum doesn't pass, then the card isn't put into play. The vampire playing it is not sent to torpor in that case. [LSJ 20040730]


  • The normal text should say just "This vampire gains X+1 votes". It doesn't double-cost. (errata to the CE edition, in which the X was changed to be the cost of the card rather than the cost of the effect, but ended up being printed as both) [LSJ 20021124]


  • Backstab can be played at any time before strike resolution, including after both minions have selected their strikes. [LSJ 20000215]

Baltimore Purge:

  • There is no time to use other effects between the choosing of the vampires and those vampires going to torpor. There is no response stack to interrupt that. [LSJ 20050111]


  • A banished vampire will return to play when it again has blood >= capacity on it at the end of its Methuselah's influence phase. [TOM 19951209]
  • A Banished vampire will remember all effects that had been applied to him, just as contested vampires do. This includes gained or lost titles, etc. [RTR 20000501]
  • Note that "for the rest of the game" effects pointing at the Banished vampire (from some other source) will resume if/when the vampire comes back into play (e.g., Contract naming that Assamite). [TOM 19960210]
  • Temporary control effects are ended if the vampire is Banished, as normal, so the vampire would be placed in his previous (permanent) controller's uncontrolled region. [RTR 20000501]


  • You can play Change of Target after Bear-Baiting (younger, older, or the same age). [LSJ 20040312]

Bestial Vengeance:

  • Bestial Vengeance's damage is inflicted, whether or not the opposing minion's strike burns the retainer. [LSJ 20090616]


  • The affected Methuselah is named when the card is played. [RTR 19980928]
  • Each of their turns, the person subjected to Betrayer can name a vampire. If the guess is correct, Betrayer is burned. [RTR 19941109]
  • Is cumulative. A player can be damaged by multiple Betrayers each turn. A Methuselah targeted by more than one Betrayer would have to pay 1 pool for each Betrayer in order to burn them, even if the same vampire is the betrayer in each case. [RTR 19941109]
  • If the vampire chosen for Betrayer is burned, so is Betrayer. If the vampire chosen for Betrayer becomes contested, Betrayer is nullified until the contention is resolved, at which time the Betrayer is reactivated. If a player takes control of the vampire that is the target of the betrayer, that player takes the pool loss. [RTR 19941109]
  • You select an uncontrolled vampire when you play the card. If you have a choice (more than one of your uncontrolled vampires is controlled by the other Methuselah), you still have to choose just one of them to be the Betrayer. [LSJ 19990419]


  • Bima's "that Discipline" refers to the card on Bima. If the card is no longer there, then the effect cannot be used. [LSJ 20071006]

Black Cat:

  • The lower pool cost is used for the "cost" of equipment on her. [RTR 19941109]
  • If she is equipped with something and that equipment is transferred to another minion, then it regains its normal pool value. Conversely, if a piece of equipment moves onto her, its effective pool cost is lowered by 1. [RTR 19941109]

Blood Brother Ambush:

  • Blood Brother Ambush can be used by a BrujahAnti taking an action while in torpor. If this happens, the blocker loses the opportunity to commit diablerie. [RTR 20010710]

Blood Fury:

  • Blood Fury doesn't protect the target from taking damage from a weapon strike, since "inflict" has been ruled to mean "inflict on the opposing minion/retainer". So side-effect damage from a Bomb, Zip Gun, etc. is unaffected by Blood Fury. [LSJ 19980216]

Blood of Acid:

Blood Rage:

  • Blood Rage doesn't protect the target from taking damage from a weapon strike, since "inflict" has been ruled to mean "inflict on the opposing minion/retainer". So side-effect damage from a Bomb, Zip Gun, etc. is unaffected by Blood Rage. [LSJ 19980216]

Blood of Acid:

  • Environmental Damage (Weather Control, etc.) isn't counted by Blood of Acid. [RTR 19970630]

Blood of the Cobra:

  • If the strike is one that says to make a hand strike or make a melee weapon strike, then the strike is ranged, but the hand or melee weapon portion of the strike is still only effective at close range. [RTR 20010710]


  • If Bloodbath's target already has or subsequently gains a title, then he doesn't get an extra vote from the Bloodbath. If the target loses his title, then he again gets his extra vote from the Bloodbath. [LSJ 19970224]


  • When taking the action to burn a location, the action will fail if the acting minion does not possess the bomb when the action resolves (if the Bomb was transferred or destroyed somehow). [RTR 19960221] [LSJ 20020926]


  • The superior form of Bonding cannot be used if you do not need the stealth at the time you play Bonding. [TOM 19951109]

Botched Move:

  • Can be played against any combat card, even cards like Psyche! and Coordinate Attacks, which are played after combat. [LSJ 20070214]


  • Has superior Presence and no Potence (the CE version is misprinted). [LSJ 20020812]


  • Transfers may not be made to the vampire - neither to put blood on nor to move blood off. [RTR 19950413]

Brujah Debate:

  • If more than 1 Brujah shares the highest capacity amount, the controller chooses which of them to tap during her master phase. [LSJ 19980224]
  • Brujah Debate can tap a tapped Brujah. [PIB 20110310]

Brujah Frenzy - Master Out-of-Turn:

  • There is no time to play further action modifiers or reactions before combat begins. [TOM 19950829]
  • Brujah Frenzy only causes the affected Brujah to enter combat with a second minion; that minion is not considered to be blocking the Brujah in any way. [RTR 19950906]
  • Must select a "ready, untapped minion" to send the Brujah into combat with. If there are no such minions, Brujah Frenzy cannot be played. [RTR 19951110]
  • Can only be played on a Ready acting Brujah. [RTR 19980623]


  • You cannot use Bundi with a strike card that would read: "Strike: make a handstrike." (but you can use it with a strike card that reads "strike: make a hand weapon strike") [LSJ 20080702]

Business Pressure:

  • Each Methuselah must decide how much pool to burn for it during the resolution of the effect. It does not give an ability for the rest of the political action. However, there can be some give and take during the resolution of the effect. For example, each Methuselah can choose to burn one pool at a time as pool is burned for votes. [RTR 19960530]

Call the Great Beast:

  • The action to put a counter on the Call the Great Beast card is an action that requires Baali. [LSJ 20050112]

Call the Wild Hunt:

  • At superior, you choose X and then discard that many animals form your hand (and cannot use any animals drawn to replace the ones you are discarding as further discards). [LSJ 20060215]
  • The damage inflicted by the superior is environmental damage. [LSJ 20060217]


Camarilla Vitae Slave:

  • The vampire keeps his chosen Discipline at superior until his controller's next untap phase even if the retainer is burned or stolen. [LSJ 19970224]


  • The card being retrieved is announced when the action is declared. [LSJ 19970821]

Carrion Crows:

  • Carrion Crows does "1R each round" to the opposing minion (card text). The "during strike resolution" just tells you when that 1R per round is resolved. (2R for superior). This is akin to how retainer-based damage is handled. [LSJ 19971211]


Catatonic Fear:

  • If combat continues (via Telepathic Tracking, for example), then Catatonic Fear's damage is lost. [RTR 20020501]
  • The damage from Catatonic Fear is dealt by the striking vampire (so would be reduced to zero by Memories of Mortality). [LSJ 19990723]

Chain of Command:

  • Chain of Command cannot bring more than one copy of a unique vampire out, by the rule prohibiting self-contesting. [LSJ 20040722]

Change of Target:

  • Is governed by the "same action" rulings. [RTR 19950509]
  • Change of Target cannot be used if the action is blocked by some means other than by a blocking minion (e.g., Brujah Frenzy, Kiss of Ra). [LSJ 19980224]
  • Change of Target is played after a minion successfully blocks but before the blocker is tapped and combat begins. [RTR 19991206]
  • Effects triggered when the action is blocked are still triggered (Truth of Blood, Unleash Hell's Fiury, ..) [PIB 20110417]

Charming Lobby:

  • A bloodhunt vote does not qualify. [TOM 19950921]
  • The next referendum can be called by another Methuselah's vampire; if this is the case, then that referendum passes automatically. [PIB 20110719]

Charnas the Imp:

  • Does nothing to an empty vampire which untaps in torpor. [RTR 19941109]
  • Cannot be damaged by host, but does not stop host from using effects which would normally damage it. For example, the host can use Body of Sun, but would not damage Charnas as a result. [RTR 19941109]

Church of the Order of St. Blaise:

  • The Church of the Order of St. Blaise can put counters on locations that use "blood" or "pool" counters, such as Alamut. [PIB 20110712]


Clio's Kiss:

  • If your copy of the contested card is the last one left, it is moved to your controlled region (not your uncontrolled region). [LSJ 20011202]

Clan Impersonation:

  • Changing clan with Clan Impersonation won't remove any slave status. [LSJ 20030511]

Cloak the Gathering:

  • The superior ability can be used to aid another minion even while the modifying vampire is tapped. [RTR 19941109]

Compel the Spirit:

  • Compel the Spirit can only retrieve allies and retainers. Jake Washington, Death Pact, etc. that are not allies or retainers in the ash heap cannot be retrieved. [LSJ 20030128]

Condemnation Mute:

Contingency Planning:

  • The cost of the canceled card is not paid (instead of paid and then retrieved). [RTR 20030519]

Coordinate Attacks:

Coroner's Contact:

Corpse Minion:

  • Corpse Minion may be used any number of times during a single action. [TOM 19960109]

Corrupt Construction:

  • If the construction is recruited in the normal fashion, the card will have been replaced by the time the ally enters play. In other cases (e.g., Zhenga), however, it won't have been, and the Methuselah will have to work with only cards in hand (or ash heap) to add life to the Construction (before replacing). [LSJ 20070707]

Creation Rites:

  • You may move a blood from the acting vampire to the new vampire (this sentence was omitted in Sabbat War). [RTR 20001020]
  • If the Creation is moved to the Uncontrolled region (by Banishment, for example), it continues to be a vampire (and can be influenced). [RTR 19990712]

Crocodile's Tongue:

  • The canceled block isn't successful or unsuccessful. It is simply canceled. [LSJ 20110419]

Cryptic Rider:

  • May only be used after a referendum is successful, not simply a successful political action (unblocked political action). [RTR 19950209]

Curse of Nitocris:

  • Curse only moves when a Methuselah gets the Edge who doesn't already have the Edge. [LSJ 19971006]

Day Operation:

  • Can only be played when the action is announced or (at superior) when a block is attempted. [LSJ 19971113]


  • Decapitate cannot be played on a vampire under the effects of Undead Persistence. [RTR 20010710]


  • Cannot be used to direct a bleed to a Methuselah who would be an invalid target for a bleed (after Minor Boon, e.g.) [RTR 19950622]
  • Declaring that one is not blocking is implicit in playing Deflection (unlike playing Telepathic Counter). That is, Deflection (and other bleed bounce cards) are played after blocks are declined. [LSJ 20000507] [LSJ 20061213]

Delaying Tactics:

  • Cancels the political action, but the acting minion is still considered to have taken a political action (so cannot perform another in the same turn). [RTR 19970630]
  • If played on a referendum called by a Charming Lobby, the political action card (if any) is retrieved, not the Charming Lobby card. [LSJ 20030425]
  • Will only retrieve a political action card played from the hand. It won't retrieve an in-play Rumors of Gehenna in the referendum to burn it, or a PA card burned via Echo of Harmonies, for example. [LSJ 20041130]
  • The political action card is returned to its owners hand. This is usually the same as the acting Methuselah's hand, but not always. [LSJ 20050323]


  • The animal retainers turned into allies keep their current life counters and remember their original "starting life", for effects that notice "starting life". The retainers' special abilities are lost. [LSJ 20051116]


  • Does not affect the cost to contest titles, since the cost to contest is paid in vampire blood, not pool. [RTR 19950509]

Denial of Aphrodite's Favor:

  • The cost of the canceled card is not paid (instead of paid and then retrieved). [RTR 20030519]


  • The +1 strength is always in effect, not just during diablerie attempts. [RTR 19961113]


  • Derange cannot be moved to a Malkavian nor to a Malkavian antitribu vampire. [LSJ 19970224]
  • When removing the Derange, a vampire returns to the former clan, and the default sect of that clan (Group1 Gangrels return as Independent). [PIB 20110807]

Descent into Darkness:

  • Descent into Darkness breaks any temporary control effects (Temptation, Malkavian Dementia, etc.), so the vampire is given, face down and out of play, to his permanent controller, with the Descent into Darkness card (which, as a minion card, is then controlled by that permanent controller). [LSJ 20040525]

Detect Authority:

  • Detect Authority ends the action. Action modifiers (Freak Drive, for instance) can't be played afterwards. [PIB 20110511]

Diamond Thunderbolt:

  • The cost of the change of control effect is still paid. Any bids made are paid. Any counters burned are still burned. [LSJ 20040518]
  • Will not extend temporary change of control effects when they expire. [LSJ 20040518]

Direct Intervention:

  • If the canceled card had a "Do Not Replace Until" clause on it, that clause is canceled as well (and the card is replaced normally, subject to other effects: Visit from the Capuchin, etc.) [LSJ 20011023]
  • Since the NRA rule is applied to the acting minion when the action resolves (is blocked or is successful), the minion whose action card is canceled by Direct Intervention is free to attempt the same type of action again, even with (another copy of) the same card. [LSJ 19980212]
  • Can only burn minion cards played from the hand in the normal fashion (not weapons played via Disguised Weapon or equipment played via Pier 13, for example). [RTR 20001020]
  • The cost of the canceled card is not paid (instead of paid and then retrieved). [RTR 20030519]

Dirty Little Secrets:

  • If the Methuselah you are bleeding doesn't burn any pool (if she calls in a Major Boon, for example), then she doesn't burn any cards from her library for Dirty Little Secrets, either. [LSJ 19970224]

Disarming Presence:

  • Tapping is a side effect, not a cost; tapped vampires can still vote. [RTR 19941109]
  • Vampires are tapped when they cast their votes. [RTR 19970425]

Disguised Weapon:

  • If Disguised Weapon is used to equip and contest a unique weapon possessed by the opposing minion, neither weapon is available for use during the combat. If the opposing minion had already chosen that weapon as his strike, then the strike fizzles. [LSJ 19980319]


  • Have vampires of just 1 clan means you gain 1 pool for that 1 clan. [LSJ 20040523]

Domain Challenge:

  • Tapped minions are counted after the referendum is completed. [RTR 19941109]

Domain of Evernight:

  • The restriction of "one per turn" only applies to the superior version of Domain of Evernight. [LSJ 20020418]


  • If a location costs X blood, it would take X vandal counters to burn it. [LSJ 20001118]

Donal O'Connor:

  • An empty blocking vampire may still block (and will simply try and fail to burn a blood if the block is successful). [TOM 19951215]
  • The blocking vampire burns 1 blood immediately upon successfully blocking Donal, regardless of whether combat begins. [RTR 19960530]

Dr. Morrow, The Skindoctor:

  • Multiple graft counters may be placed on the same minion, but they have no additional effect. A minion with any (one or more) graft counters gets -1 stealth (not -X stealth). [LSJ 20070306]


  • If the action is masked, treat the previously-used Draba as a -X stealth modifier, where X is the amount of stealth reduced by the Draba at the time it was used. [RTR 20030519]

Dreams of the Sphinx:

  • Can't move blood to Imbued in the uncontrolled region. [LSJ 20070516]
  • If another player plays Dreams of the Sphinx to contest yours, you can't tap it "right before it enters contest". [PIB 20110328]

Dual Form:

  • If one of the pair leaves the ready region, the other is burned, and that's it for the pair. That burning of the other won't cause the first to burn. [LSJ 20050117]
  • The reduction in capacity is permanent, even if the Dual Form is burned. [LSJ 20051103]

Eagle's Sight:

  • Only affects the rule restricting who gets to block an action. The vampire must still meet all other requirements to block (intercept, etc.) In particular, Blood Bond, Day Operation, and Seduction are not circumvented. [RTR 19950413]
  • Can be used to overcome the restrictions on blocking (allowing a non-target Methuselah to block a directed action or a non-adjacent Methuselah to block an undirected action). It won't overcome any other restrictions on blocking (like stealth, Seduction, Day Operation, or a prior "I don't block" decision). [RTR 20020501]

Echo of Harmonies:

  • The referendum retained by the superior version can only be called if the vampire meets the requirements (Title, Clan, etc.) given on the card. [LSJ 20011205]
  • Echo can only retrieve Political Action cards from the ash heap that were played to call the current referendum. If the card is put into play, Echo cannot be used. If the card wasn't played (e.g., calling a referendum to burn Rumors of Gehenna), Echo cannot be used. [LSJ 20020911]

Edith Blount:

  • Edith may burn a blood to give Enid stealth multiple times each action. [LSJ 20040617]

Elder Intervention:

  • Can be used during any bleed attempt made against you, not just ones declared against you. [RTR 19960530]

Elena Gutierrez:

  • Elena's group number was omitted. Elena is a group 3 vampire. [LSJ 20020812]

The Eldest Command the Undeath:

  • If you play Voter Captivation on the referendum, you can move up to 2 counters to your pool, and 0 to your vampire. [LSJ 20081002]

Elephant Guardian:

  • If the minion with Elephant successfully played an inferior Deep Song action, the target minion would take Elephant Guardian’s damage in the resulting combat if range is close. [PIB 20110609]

Embrace, The:

  • If the Embrace is moved to the Uncontrolled region (by Banishment, for example), it continues to be a vampire (and can be influenced). [RTR 19990712]



  • Erosion resets a minion's base strength. Any modifiers (including inherent modifiers) are applied to the new base. If another effect (like Torn Signpost) later resets the base damage again, then the new amount wins out. [LSJ 19971211]

Eternal Mask, The:

  • You cannot use the effect to burn the card and the vampire if the vamp is no longer in play to be burned. [LSJ 20070928]

Ethan Locke:

  • Ethan's (D) action is directed at the controller of the skill card, not the controller of the vampire. [LSJ 19970224]
  • When Ethan steals a master Discipline card, his controller becomes the controller of the Discipline card. [LSJ 19990609]

Ex Nihilo:

  • The vampire with Ex Nihilo can't burn due to Ex Nihilo's cardtext if he or she can burn the blood during the untap phase. [PIB 20121013]


Falcon's Eye:

  • Playing Falcon's Eye won't overcome any stealth, unblockability, sequencing, or previous "I don't block" decisions. It only allows a non-target Methuselah to block a (D) action or a non-adjacent Methuselah to block an undirected action. [LSJ 20020112]

Fall of the Camarilla:

  • Fall of the is a temporary effect. Once the card is out of play (by ousting the controller, for instance), the underlying sect of the vampires is again "active". [LSJ 20040519]

Fall of the Sabbat:

  • Fall of the is a temporary effect. Once the card is out of play (by ousting the controller, for instance), the underlying sect of the vampires is again "active". [LSJ 20040519]

Feral Spirit:

  • Feral Spirit increases the vampire's level of the chosen Discipline by 1 while it is on the vampire. Discipline levels: 0 (none), 1 (normal), and 2 (superior). [LSJ 20011227]


  • The Fida'i's ability to untap (costing a blood from an Assamite with capacity 7+) can only be used "during his untap phase", and only once in that untap phase. [LSJ 20010619]

Fiendish Tongue:

  • The blood to untap is burned (if desired) during the discard phase. [LSJ 20040918]

Filchware's Pawn Shop:

Fire Dance:

  • Fire Dance's target vampire is chosen when the action is announced. [RTR 19970425]

Flesh of Marble:

  • Prevents all damage *that was not prevented* in excess of one point. [RTR 19950209]


  • The action to burn fleshcraft suffers the -1 stealth penalty as well, so is usually at zero stealth to start (or -1 stealth if superior). [LSJ 19970224]

Follow the Blood:

  • If played on a vampire who successfully hunts with a Perfectionist, Perfectionist ahs granted the blood before Follow the Blood gets played. [LSJ 20110308]

Force of Will:

  • If the Force of Will action is canceled (by Psychomachia, for example) before the aggravated damage is done, then the damage is not done (it is lost). If it is merely ended (by Change of Target), the the damage occurs as normal. [RTR 20020501] [LSJ 20020927]
  • Mask of a Thousand Faces cannot be used to take over a Force of Will action, since the former requires an untapped vampire and the latter requires a tapped one. [RTR 20020927]

Forced Awakening:

  • The vampire burns a blood (if he fails to block) when the action begins to resolve (successfully or not). [LSJ 19990421]

Foreshadowing Destruction:

  • If played at superior against a target with 10 or more pool, it will only have a lingering effect (+3 bleed if the target happens to have 9 or less, and no additional +bleed cards). [PIB 20110817]
  • The superior doesn't increase the bleed amount if the target is at 10 or more pool - you could play it after Conditioning against such a target (and it would still activate when deflected to someone with 9 or less pool). [PIB 20110817]

Forest of Shadows:

  • May be used anytime it is untapped, even if it has been used previously during the same action (it must be untapped by some method, of course). [TOM 19960109]

Form of Mist:

  • The blood for the superior effect is paid after combat ends. If the effect is interrupted (via Telepathic Tracking or whatever), then the blood is not paid. [LSJ 20031123]
  • The superior form cannot be used to add stealth unless the acting vampire needs the stealth. [RTR 19970630]

Fractured Armament:

  • The inferior version of Fractured Armament is not a damage-dealing strike; the superior version is (so Increased Strength will affect the superior, but not the inferior, for example). [LSJ 19970225]

Freak Drive:

  • Is played after resolution, but still during the action. It cannot be played on an action that was made unpreventable by Concoction of Vitality, for example. [LSJ 19981028]
  • The acting vampire cannot play Freak Drive before all of the combats of the action are handled. So Psyche!, Hidden Lurker, Coordinate Attacks, etc. would all be played (and resolve) before Freak Drive can be played. [LSJ 20030103]
  • The inferior can be played is the action resolves unblocked, even if it fizzles (due to lack of a suitable target, for example). [LSJ 20070411]

Free States Rant:

  • If there are insuffient targets to which to allocate all of the points allowed, then the card cannot be played. [LSJ 20010810]

Frenzy - Master: Out-of-Turn:

  • Only prevents the use of equipment after it is played - it will not cancel the effects of equipment used before it is played. [TOM 19960326]


  • You can’t have the rescued vampire pay a cost of 2 blood when Frondator rescues him or her. [PIB 20110918]