Rules Team Rulings 12-JUL-1999

Question: If I have Talbot's Chainsaw and the opposing minion plays a Trap, does Talbot's Chainsaw's press force me to press to end combat?

Answer: No. Talbot's Chainsaw's press is only usable to continue combat (errata).

Question: What happens when a Progeny (or an Embrace or a Creation Rite) is Banished?

Answer: It is placed in the uncontrolled region and continues to be treated as a vampire of capacity 1 (plus any capacity from skill cards or other master cards, of course), and it can be influenced as normal.

Question: What happens if I Mind Rape a vampire and, on my next turn (when I have control of that vampire), I call and successfully pass a Banishment naming that vampire? Is he placed in my uncontrolled region or his previous controller's uncontrolled region?

Answer: The Banishment effect breaks the lingering "control" effect of the (already burned) Mind Rape, since such effects are not among the things that a Banished vampire "remembers". So the banished vampire is sent to his previous controller's uncontrolled region (since the Mind Rape effect is no longer in effect). (The answer is the same for Malkavian Dementia's effect as well as Ayelea's effect).

Question: Does Soul Burn (like Blood Fury and Blood Rage) nullify the *current* strike of the opposing minion's weapon?

Answer: Yes. It functions similarly to Blood Fury and Blood Rage (errata). Treat it as if it read:

Strike: 1R damage. This damage cannot be prevented by cards that require Fortitude. If the opposing vampire attempts to strike with a weapon this round, he or she does no damage.

Superior: As above, but for 2R damage.

This errata is issued to match the original design intent of the card, and to match similar existing cards.

Question: Do you get the maneuver from Guard Dogs even if you fail to block the action? (i.e., untap with Guard Dogs, block with a different vampire, and then use Fast Reaction)?

Answer: No. You only get the maneuver if you successfully block the bleed (errata).

This errata is issued to match the original design intent of the card, and to match similar existing cards.

Question: What is the minimum capacity of a vampire?

Answer: One. No effect can result in a vampire having a capacity of less than one (like Violet Tremain, Mind of a Child, and Purity of the Beast, for example).

Question: Can I play Life Boon to save my predator and give her all my pool, thereby ousting myself and gaining 1 VP?

Answer: Yes. (And your predator would gain 6 pool for the oust, in addition.)