Rules Team Rulings 01-OCT-1999


Q: How does Cardinal Sin: Failure of Mission work?

A: It is played by a Cardinal or Archbishop who blocks an untitled Sabbat vampire, before he taps and starts combat. The (D) action to burn the card is directed at the player who played it (errata: it is controlled by the player who played it). Any Sabbat vampire can enter combat with the vampire with this card (so long as they are not controlled by the same Methuselah) as a directed action.


Q: Can an Assamite (whose card text says "Cannot commit diablerie") use Amaranth? Doesn't Amaranth's card text override the restriction? 

A: A strict reading of Amaranth's card text would indicate so, but it also indicates that an Ally could diablerize. Allies have been handled by [RTR 30-JUN-1997]. Extending that ruling: Amaranth can only be used by minions who are capable of committing diablerie in the first place.

Q: What about making an Assamite an Archon (after making him Camarilla, of course) - could he diablerize then?

A: No, by the same reasoning. Being an Archon removes the "Blood Hunt" threat to the diabolist - it doesn't grant him the ability to diablerize.

Q: What happens to a vampire who uses Daring the Dawn to call Banishment on himself? What does the damage do to him when he is uncontrolled? 

A: An uncontrolled vampire ignores damage.

Q: When do you play or select the referendum to be called by a Charming Lobby? Since it is an action (and the effects of actions don't occur if they are blocked), would the political action card (if any) be burned if the action is blocked?

A: The referendum you are attempting to call is announced as part of the declaration of the action (since actions are completely defined when they are announced [6.2.1]). If the action is blocked, then the card text doesn't take effect - so you don't burn the political action card (if any) that you would've used to call the referendum.

So: announce which referendum you are calling when you announce the action, but don't play the political action card until the time comes to actually call it (when the action is successful). [6.1.6]

Note: This is a REVERSAL of previous rulings on this card.

Q: If Jimmy Dunn is burned by being contested, but plays Reform Body, what happens?

A: He goes to torpor (from Reform Body), then would still be contested. But, instead of being contested, he is burned (card text).

Q: If a vampire uses Possession to bring Jimmy Dunn to the ready region and there's another Jimmy out, the first Jimmy is burned. Can the acting vampire play Soul Stealing?

A: No. The vampire performing th Possession action is not burning the first Jimmy. Jimmy is being burned by the resurrected Jimmy.


Q: [RTR 21-FEB-1996] says that a Banished vampire goes to his owner's uncontrolled region, but the answer to the "Banished Progeny" question in [RTR 12-JUL-1999] is written as if a Banished vampire goes to his controller's uncontrolled region (without explicitly overturning the prior RTR). Which is correct?

A: The [RTR 12-JUL-1999] version. Banished vampires are sent to their (permanent) controller's uncontrolled region. This overturns the [RTR 21-FEB-1996] ruling.

Q: Can Kindred Coercion "change" the votes of a vampire who hasn't voted yet?

A: No. But it can be used to cancel the votes of vampires who haven't voted yet (and to 'change' the votes of vampires who have voted). (based on card text and rulings on Pulling Strings and on Astrid Thomas in [RTR 20-MAY-1995]).