Rules Team Rulings 02-DEC-2004

As always, errata and reversals of previous rulings do not go into effect for constructed deck tournaments for 30 days (i.e., until January 1, 2005).

Reversals in this RTR

Mask of a Thousand Faces now "notices" if a minion is using inherent stealth.

Damage resolution doesn't preclude other effects.

Dodge protects the dodger against all strikes, even aggressive S:CE effects (like Catatonic Fear).


Rötschreck (Rotschreck) is only usable during strike declaration when a strike that deals aggravated damage targets a vampire (may still be played after both minions have announce their strikes). In particular, it is not usable for effects that resolve when played (which includes most non-strike effects), like Pulled Fangs under a Dawn Operation.


A minion's inherent stealth (e.g., Muaziz, Jost Werner, and even Hesha Ruhadze when hunting) counts as an effect (since the stealth is "applied" when that minion is acting. Other minions cannot use Mask of a Thousand Faces to take over the action (not even a minion that has a similar stealth bonus, since that would still be a different effect than the one already applied).

The damage resolution phase does not preclude other effects (like tapping a Barrens, for example). You may tap the Barrens to attempt to draw into more damage prevention, or play Aura Reading when Weather Control damage is applied (to attempt to draw Skin of Night if a Dawn Operation is in play, for example). You still cannot "interrupt" damage handling, however (you cannot burn two blood to heal and then use some effect to gain blood before burning another blood to heal the remaining third point of damage, for example).

Effects that prevent "up to X" damage and effects that "prevent X" damage mean the same thing. In both cases, applying the effect prevents X damage. If fewer than X points of (preventable) damage are being resolved, then the effect prevents all of those points.

Dodge protects the dodger from the effects of the opposing minion's strike, even if that strike is done at First Strike or even if it is a Combat Ends strike (Combat Ends will still end combat, but any additional effects the strike would have on the dodger, like Catatonic Fear's damage, are dodged).