V:EKN Rulings Announcement July 7, 2007

As always, changes contained herein do not go into effect for sanctioned tournaments for 30 days. (So these become active on August 06, 2007.)


Putrefaction: replace "He or she may burn this card instead of untapping" with "He or she does not untap as normal. Burn this card during untap phase."


Cards allies play as vampires treat them as vampires for duration effects (but not effects from the card-in-play).

All cost-affecting cards operate no matter how the card is played ("as normal" or otherwise). All multiplication and division is handled first, followed by addition and subtraction.
Note that pay nothing still means pay nothing, even if something else would add to the cost. So costs for cards canceled by Sudden Reversal or Direct Intervention are still not paid, for example. And Bauble and Horrid Reality still gets weapons for free. And similar for Helena and Dragos.

Similarly, cards that can be used to pay some of the cost of other cards can be used whenever such a cost is being paid (regardless of whether the card is played "as normal" or not).

The card on Echo of Harmonies is not in play, even though it is face up. (This would be interesting only if the card was unique (none so far) or if it is a Boon and Blood Trade is in play).

Rötschreck can be played on a vampire who is immune to Frenzy cards (uselessly, since the target is immune to it).