V:EKN Rulings Announcement April 22, 2013

As always, changes contained herein do not go into effect for sanctioned tournaments for 30 days. (So these become active on May 22nd, 2013.)



The notion of "impulse" has been added to the Rulebook. The "impulse" represents the next opportunity to play a card or use an effect. If respects the Sequencing Rule. Only the player with the impulse can play a card or use an effect.

Additional Strikes

A minion may only gain additional strikes after the initial strike resolution, or after the resolution of one of his or her additional strikes. A minion with unresolved additional strikes cannot gain additional strikes. A minion is limited to gaining additional strikes only from one source each round. A minion cannot pass on using an additional strike.


  • Some typos were corrected (Lilith’s Blessing reading "Duscipline").
  • Names of artists were harmonised ("Larry Snelly" becoming "Lawrence Snelly")
  • Incomplete cardtext was completed (The Summoning was missing some characters).
  • No change in other text.

Banned Cards

Lilith’s Blessing

Lilith's Blessing has been added to the banned list. An alternative effect to bring its mechanics back to the tournament game is being investigated, and the card will be reintroduced once a solution has been found and tested thouroughly.

Complete Rules Reference

Some clean-up (that was necessary) - removal of outdated references, alignment with the Rulebook. A complete list will be available soon.

General Rulings

I have started including all the valid rulings I encounter (either here on vekn.net or in the Newsgroup) to the Card Rulings page. My objective here is to have that page become more of a database than a simple page. The long-term goal is to have it integrated in tools such as the SecretLibrary or VampiDroid. This will require some changes in the tables, to properly cross-reference cards, rules, and rulings. A "complete" (as far as the word applies to on-going processes) will be available soon.