As always, changes contained herein do not go into effect for sanctioned tournaments for 30 days. (So these become active on October 5th, 2013.)

Continental Championships Changes

  • Dropped: The "25%/33%/50% participants qualify" rule no longer applies.
  • Added: "A player with at least 1 Game Win at a Continental Championship Qualifier qualifies."
  • Added: "The winner of any Continental Championship Qualifier qualifies."
  • Added: "For the Australian Championships, a player with at least 0.5 Victory Point per preliminary round played + 0.5 Victory Point qualifies."
  • Added: "To reward the judges who put so much time and effort into running these events, the judges for Regional continental qualifiers automatically qualify if they don't play in their event."


The Archon

  • The Archon 1.5b has been finalized. It will be available in the Download page.

(Please note we're still running validity checks against the upload module. Till October 5th, please continue to use the Archon available in the Download page.)

  • The Archon 1.5b should be compatible with OpenOffice and LibreOffice suites.