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Rules for the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Millennium Cultist Storyline Event
Recently, we posted an announcement of the Millennium Cultist storyline event. Between November 1st, 2006 and January 31st, 2007 results of special Vampire: The Eternal Struggle tournaments from around the world will create the ending of this story.

Each player attending a designated storyline tournament will receive a special Reverend Adams promo-only card. These promo-only cards will remain in limited circulation for at least one year before being released into general support packages.


Except as noted in these instructions, the tournament will follow the Standard Constructed Tournament format and current V:EKN rules.

At least 75% (e.g., 9 out of 12) of the vampires in a player's crypt must be the same clan.

Each player will receive one Reverend Adams promo-only card. This card is not legal for the storyline events.

Recalled to the Founder, True Faith, and Seeds of Corruption are banned.

Each round of the event will be played using a specially designed Reverend Adams, Millennium Cultist deck. All cards in this deck are illegal for play outside of this event and are clearly identified as such. The operation of this deck and rules for play are presented in detail below.


All of the library cards in this deck are variations of existing library cards and have been modified in various ways to represent the resources of Reverend and his cult. Read the card texts carefully and don't assume the cards work the same way as the legal-for-play version. Changes to card text are in red. The crypt consists of only one vampire which is also illegal outside of this event.


The Cultist deck is used at each table in every round of the tournament. The following rules apply while playing with the Cultist deck:

1. At the beginning of each game, draw the first 5 cards from the Cultist deck and place them face-up in the center of the table. This is the Cultist deck's hand of cards. The remaining cards in the Cultist deck become the Cultist deck's library.
The Cultist deck's hand of cards is always face-up. Whenever the Cultist deck's hand has fewer than 5 cards, it is replenished from the Cultist deck's library. Cards burned from the Cultist deck are placed in the Cultist deck's ash heap. If a card from the Cultist's deck is sent to any hand, ash heap, or library, it always goes to the Cultist's hand, ash heap, or library. If at any time the Cultist deck's library is empty, reshuffle the Cultist deck's ash heap into its library.

2. The Cultist's hand size cannot be changed (by Jan Pieterzoon or Aristotle de Laurent, for example). Cards played from the Cultist's hand are always replaced, even under Meddling or Blood Weakens or when played by Nedal.

3. The Reverend Adams, Millennium Cultist crypt card begins play face-up in the center of the table. Reverend Adams begins play with 3 blood from the blood bank and is initially uncontrolled and out of play.

4. If you control the edge, a vampire you control may call a referendum to give you control of Reverend Adams (stealing him from his controller, if any) as a +1 stealth political action. You must burn the edge when that action is announced or the action fails. When control of Reverend Adams changes (by any means), he untaps and is moved to the new controller's ready region and gains 1 blood.

5. If you control Reverend Adams, you (and your minions) may play cards from the Cultist's hand as if from your own hand (and it may be canceled as normal for cards played from your hand). If you are to move a card from your hand to play (for example, with Concealed Weapon), you may move a card from the Cultist's hand instead.

6. The Cultist's ash heap and library are not your own, however, and cannot be targeted by effects which target your ash heap or library. Other Methuselahs are also limited to targeting your hand and may not target the Cultist's hand (for example, with Cull the Herd).

7. Discards must only come from your own hand. If you have to discard, whether at random or chosen, cards are only discarded from your own hand. You may not use a discard phase action to cycle the Cultist's hand.

8. Reverend Adams can play any minion card from the Cultist deck--even if he does not meet the requirements of that card. If a card requires a Discipline, Reverend Adams may play the card at the basic or superior level. This only applies to cards from the Cultist's deck. He may play cards from the player's own hand only if he meets the requirements, as normal.

9. Cultists (minions with the Cultist keyword) cannot block other Cultists and cannot take actions to enter combat with Cultists.

10. If Reverend Adams would leave the ready region, he becomes uncontrolled (and out of play) and is returned to the center of the table instead. All cards and blood on Reverend Adams remain.

11. Once per turn, Reverend Adams' controller may burn a card on Reverend Adams.

12. Any Methuselah can use a master phase action to put a manipulation counter on Reverend Adams. During the referendum to change control of Reverend Adams, each manipulation counter represents a vote in favor of the referendum. Burn all manipulation counters whenever control of Reverend Adams changes.



We will keep a tally of the winning clans from each event. The clan that obtains the most storyline victories will be rewarded with a special reward card in the next available expansion.


After your event, please send the date and location of your event along with the name of the winning clan to .


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