The Return of Nergal events will run between October 1, 2005 and December 18, 2005. Contact with any questions.

Please complete this record of things that happened during your storyline tournament. Please email this report IN PLAIN TEXT FORMAT to before December 24, 2005. Reports sent after that date or as attached documents or in HTML may be ignored. DO NOT send a copy of the Archon spreadsheet to this email address.

"Section 1: Event Information" is required and failure to complete it may result in your event not counting for the winning clan counts.
"Section 2: Event Questions" is optional. However, a thorough report is more likely to be incorporated into the storyline's epilogue, or to be used as flavor text or even as inspiration for new cards.

1.1 Organizer Name:
1.2 Historian Name and Email Address:
1.3 Event Date:
1.4 Event Location:
1.5 Event City
1.6 Event State/Region (if applicable):
1.7 Event Country:
1.8 Prince Prefix used to register event:

1.9 TOURNAMENT WINNING CLAN (Enter "Nergal" if the Nergal deck won):
1.10 Winning Player's Name:
1.11 Which finalist played the Nergal deck (example: 4th seed)?:
1.12 What clan did the Nergal deck player reach the finals with?:

2.1. How did the Nergal deck do in the finals?:
2.2. Describe some of Nergal's more interesting feats (if any):
2.3. Describe any valiant attempts to destroy Nergal:
2.4. Did Barbaro Lucchese make an impact in any game? If so, please describe:
2.5. Did Sela make an impact in any game? If so, please describe:
2.6. Did Alan Sovereign make an impact in any game? If so, please describe:
2.7. Did Helena make an impact in any game? If so, please describe:
2.8. Please describe any interesting exchanges involving titled vampires:
2.9. Please describe any interesting Political Actions, if any.
2.10. Please describe any interesting combats:
2.11. Please describe any interesting deals made between players:
2.12. Please describe anything interesting that involved Infernal vampires:
2.13. Please describe any other surprising or interesting situations
from your event:
2.14. Please send us direct quotes of interesting things said
during your event. Do not edit the quotes.

The questions above could be answered in the following way:

2.6. Alan Sovereign (Advanced) used his special ability to pay for three Assault
Rifles by paying their cost from a Secret Horde with 20 counters on it.
2.14. Tom played The Name Forgotten on Nergal and Nergal's controller said "Burn
him if you want but nobody will ever forget Nergal's name!"

*Do not* submit reports that incorporate your own fiction.