Hesha's hands continued their artful chiseling as he muttered encouragement to himself. "After all, haven't I proven myself strong enough to resist the Eye's temptations by burying it in the first place?" He stood more upright as he continued his soliloquy. "If I were to unearth the Eye", he rationalized, "it would not be a sign of weakness but rather a great testament to my discipline." Hesha ceased his carving and stood back from his work. "I just need a few more days of study. That's all."


The Special Promotional Card

The Eye of Hazimel promo card became legal for V:EKN constructed deck tournament play on December 1, 2002.


The Eye of Hazimel Epilogue

During a month-long period of intense experimentation, Hesha had learned to make contact with the Eye over greater and greater distances. However, San Diego was still a stretch -- even for one who has achieved complete attunement.

To complicate the procedure further, Hesha reserved a portion of his senses toward maintaining an awareness of the quiet observer. Hesha had hoped that this would not be a private show.

Hesha labored to lift the blackness before him and was rewarded with a slightly fuzzy view of the surroundings. Even still, he immediately recognized the displayed paintings as the requested pieces from the National Museum of Art and knew that things were progressing well. Hesha, after briefly scanning the Manet, watched as the Sabbat pack arrived. They were much earlier than he'd desired but still within the acceptable timeframe.

The pack tore through the place with abandon. Their frenzy took over and robbed them of the opportunity to block the exits and destroy all who were inside. The bright light of an exploding rocket-propelled grenade stung Hesha's mind and his contact with the Eye was momentarily broken.


He was able to re-establish the connection in time to see Lambach gather the Eye into his own hands. Raising the orb to his own eye, Lambach inspected the item more closely and thanked fate for delivering him Hazimel's Eye.