semsithGreed and distrust drive the in-fighting and factionalizing that threaten to destroy the Sabbat's fragile hold on Baltimore. The Camarilla and other clans watch with great interest, waiting for a weak moment and a grand opportunity. The internal and external pressures are mounting and the arrival in the New World of the mysterious Kindred Semsith signals an inevitable tugging on the strings of power.

The brackish sea scents adequately cover the odor of decaying flesh aboard the Lionel Blaire. Stowing-away on the container ship for the duration of the Atlantic crossing, Semsith butchered her Cockney crew upon their docking in the Port of Baltimore. For the third straight rainy night Semsith returns unnoticed to the ship, once more soaked to his waist in blood and foul water. Tonight, however, his covert mission has been especially rewarding. Semsith achieves a full and proud sneer as he savors the perfume of the greasy smoke clinging to his overcoat. He rests in the Captain's quarters, racing toward sleep, warmed equally by the sight of the dawn sky aglow with fires set by his hand and by the promise of rewards for that which he has set in motion.


The Special Promotional Card

These events will mark the first distribution of the new promo-card, The Meddling of Semsith.



New to V:TES Tournaments?

If you are new to playing in Vampire: The Eternal Struggle tournaments, these storyline tournaments are the ideal time to try your first tournament. All you really need to play is a constructed deck per the guidelines below (or simply use one of the Sabbat War or Final Nights pre-constructed starter decks from the White Wolf Catalog or your local retailer) and to review the Vampire: Elder Kindred Network (the player community for the Vampire card game) tournament rules.


The Rules

Throughout the month of February 2002, the results of select Vampire: The Eternal Struggle tournaments from around the world will be recorded and used by White Wolf to determine the outcome of the seesaw struggle to control Baltimore.

Check the online calender of V:EKN tournaments for events near you (look under February, naturally). Check back often, as the calendar will be updated frequently as new events are added.

Attend a designated Storyline Tournament and bring a clan-based deck representing who you'd like to control Baltimore. All standard V:EKN Rules will apply. In addition, at least 75% of your deck's crypt is to be comprised of a single clan (for example, in a 12-card crypt, at least 9 vampires must be of the same clan). Complete the rest of your crypt in any manner you please. The tournament Historian will make a record of key battles and of the winning clan at your event and forward the results to White Wolf. Here's your chance to finish this chapter of Baltimore's history.

As this sanctioned event will not count toward player ratings and because of the fun nature of the event, this would be an ideal time for new players to attend their first tournament.