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I don't remember seeing this link in this topic, so I copy it now that I've stumbled upon it.

5.) First Strike should beat Dodge and/or Strike: Combat Ends.

First Strike should work like "First Strike" from Magic: The Gathering.
You should not be able to Dodge and/or End Combat before the a strike
done with First Strike is resolved.
Richard Garfield, the designer of both games, clearly disagrees with
this position. See the Jyhad rulebook, section 15.3 and the discussion
of special combat effects. Dodge always negates the effect of the
opponent's strike. Strike: Combat Ends always ends combat before any
damage is dealt or any strike's effects take place.

The Current Rules Team / Design Team, has re-emphasized this and made
it even more explicit in the Sabbat War/Final Nights rulebooks.
See section 6.4.5 Strike Effects in either rulebook for the following quotes:
"A dodge protects even from the effects of a strike done with first strike."
"[Combat Ends] is always the first strike to resolve, even before a strike
done with first strike, and ends combat before other strikes can be resolved
or any damage dealt."
and finally:
"A strike done with first strike will still not resolve before a combat ends
effect (which always resolves first), and a dodge still cancels the effects
of a strike done with first strike."

And now, for a real world scenario / explanation from Reyda:
two people fight.
One punches faster than the other.
Both attempt to strike simultaneously.
The fastest puncher hit the other first. The second blow lands on him
normally though.

two people fight.
One punches faster than the other.
the fast puncher attempts to strike, while the other runs away.
no matter how fast is the punch, it will hit thin air.

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