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02 Aug 2019 16:04 #96090 by Palamedes
With the announcement of new demo decks, it is clear that Nosferatu is the weakest clan, maybe even in the entire game, if we don't count Anti Nos. So they really need a boost. There is no aspect of the game where Nosferatu stand out as good compared to other clans. Any "activity" they take someone else does it better.
Their biggest advantage is stealth, so a lot of actions they can perform successfully, but they are slow because their actions are not effective. They need multiacting. This is the reason why Warsaw Station is the best clan card that Nosferatu have. Maybe this is the direction in which we should continue to build Nosferatu, and give them some unique characteristics like masters of secret locations and multiacting with it.

We already have:
Baron Dieudonne for multiacting;
Warsaw Station for multiacting;
Zelios for supporting location.

My suggestion in this direction are the following cards:

Social Network Accounts
2 pool

Unique Location
If a Nosferatu successfully perform undirected action and there is no reaction played, you can lock this card to unlock acting Nosferatu.

Shared shelter
1 pool

Unique Location, Haven
Requires at least another ready Nosferatu in play, not necessary controlled by you.
During any Methuselah unlock phase two ready Nosferatu they control can burn 1 blood each to move Nosferatu in torpor to the ready region. This is not an action.

Net Caffe Basement
2 pool

Unique Location
Any Nosferatu can perform (D) +1 Stealth action: Look at any Methuselah top 4 cards of the Library. You can put one card on the bottom. Put the cards back on top in any order. If the target is your Library this is undirected action.

Easy Work
Action modifier
1 blood

Only usable by a vampire with capacity 7 or more. A vampire can play only one Easy Work per turn.
If this action is successfull and there is no reaction played, unlock this acting Nosferatu.
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03 Aug 2019 14:11 #96112 by Mewcat
I think Nos-anti are generally regarded as trash tier where as Nos can benefit from the broken camarilla cards to at least be mediocre. If you take and clan that cant bounce or play the bleed game you have just found a shitty clan.

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03 Aug 2019 15:26 #96113 by BlueSadDoll
I agree that multi-acting would boost them, but not necessarily helped them. Nosferatu disciplines are very common disciplines in the matrix. I believe Gangrels would suffer the same problem if it weren't for Protean which is kind of unique in the matrix.

I am more inclined to having some new action cards that would be unique to Nos/!Nos (either a clan card or a card that requires more disciplines). Nearly everything Nos/!Nos do, some other clans/sects/disciplines do better. Dem/Obf is better at swarm, Ahrimanes or Tzimisce are way better in ANI-based intercept/combat, Eurobrujahs are better at proactive combat.. etc.

Nos/!Nos are kind of Jacks of all Trades and multi-acting may or may not help with that.

Also, I understand when there is a G1 Nos with a useless trait as it is a legacy design. I don't understand why there are those vampires in G4, G5 too. A man would expect the design to evolve/improve over time.
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03 Aug 2019 15:53 #96114 by Palamedes
I agree. The only good, well, better say ok decks are Cock Robin and Nosferatu Royalty G1/2.

The problem is Nosferatu have to build up to be good, but they are too slow to survive until that. They can't bounce, can't reduce bleed, and without Raven Spy they can generate average 1 intercept. Also can't prevent damage so defensive rushing is too risky every time because 1 agg damage is enough.

So they must speed up, but they can't play Freak Drive / Forced March / Instantaneous Transformation.

All of this is the reason why I suggest helping them with locations and cards that would allow them to unlock.

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03 Aug 2019 17:51 #96115 by LivesByProxy
As someone who loves the Nosferatu, I agree. Here is my opinion:

You say the Nosferatu need multi-acting, and I agree, but rephrase it: the Nosferatu need action compression. A card like Disguised Weapon is action compression in the right deck because it lets you take an action (equip with a weapon from hand) during an action. I think having Obfuscate have cards that let the Nosferatu accomplish multiple things in a single action would be good for them, and some other clans too. There's more to do with Obfuscate than just +stealth. That said, I don't think the answer is just giving Obfuscate bleed bounce, or making a universal (disciplineless) bounce card. It seems like a bad idea to me, because you're destroying the distinctions that exist between different clans.

Potence needs to do more than just hit things really hard. The design team of decades ago toyed with the idea of giving Potence the ability to harm Locations, but the game doesn't put a lot of emphasis on Locations. I think Animalism should have interesting Hunt actions.

The Nosferatu also need speed. The need things that help them influence out vampires. And it doesn't have to be "Add 3 blood from the bank to a younger uncontrolled vampire" it can be things like "Capacity 8 or more Nosferatu require 1 less pool to influence out." or "This younger Nosferatu can add 1 blood to an older Nosferatu as a +1stealth action."

The Nosferatu are suppose to be spymasters and data collectors, but learning about information in someone's hand doesn't directly help them win the game. How about cards that reward them or punish their prey for finding out information. Would give all those Nos with :aus: something to do.

Finally, having low to mid-cap Nosferatu with relevant traits and specials would help them. Like a 4cap :4cap: with :OBF: that said: "During your Master Phase, you and your prey each draw 1 card (discard down afterwards.)"

:gang: :CEL: :FOR: :PRO: :cap6: Gangrel. Noddist. Camarilla. Once each turn, LivesByProxy may burn 1 blood to lose Protean :PRO: until the end of the turn and gain your choice of superior Auspex :AUS:, Obfuscate :OBF:, or Potence :POT: for the current action.

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03 Aug 2019 20:12 #96116 by Palamedes
No, no, I would totally bypass boosting disciplines. It will help others more than Nosferatu. And I totally don't recommend giving Nosferatu bounce, reduce, +bleed, prevent dmg. cards.

Also, I think adding new vampires is not the solution, because decks will be build around one vampire, like around Cock Robin. It's necessary to make the whole clan playable.

I recommend the locations, because they already have some interesting attempts in that direction (Secret Library of Alexandria, The Spawning Pool, Storm Sewers).

I see multiacting like solution where you can do something for yourself (employ, equip, rescue, hunt...) and still have an action to do something to your pray or predator. Warsaw Station does this well, but it alone is not enough.
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