Berlin 1900

Greetings fellow Methuselahs
Spring is in the air, but who cares in a World of Darkness, right? Who needs flowers and love when you have V:TES cards, preys and predators? Sunlight is for mortals! 

The V:EKN is happy to announce that all the cards from the Anthology set will be legal for play on their release date (May 11, 2017). We expect players to be enthusiastic about swapping their PDF cards with genuine cards as soon as they get them or tweaking their decks with the new cards, and restricting this to reprints only made little sense.

The tournament rule 2.1 is therefore amended as follows: “All new cards and game rules go immediately into effect for V:EKN tournaments.” until further notice.

To make things fair, we'll be disclosing the new cards as well as wording changes each Monday, starting on April 3rd, for 5 weeks:

ickets for the European Championships and the whole World of Darkness Berlin event are available at

Some words from Mike Nudd, V:EKN Storyline Coordinator:

In May fans of the World of Darkness all around the world will be gathering in Berlin at the event World of Darkness Berlin organised by the newly invigorated White Wolf. Not only is it important for the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle game to be represented at the event, but it is also important to show that the card game can still play a part in the greater, ongoing narrative of the World of the Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade. I was glad to be asked to come up with some Storyline game ideas for the Berlin event.

For the main Storyline tournament to be held on Friday 12th I have chosen to pay homage to a story that was originally included in the Berlin by Night sourcebook for the 1st edition Vampire RPG. While the sourcebook was controversial (for a few reasons I won’t dwell on here) it did serve to introduce several key characters to the Vampire narrative and metaplot. In the Ascension of Caine Storyline, the Kindred of Berlin are confronted with a powerful being claiming to be Caine, who threatens to disband both the Camarilla and the Sabbat, to enforce a new rule of law with the world as its domain. Many influential vampires, including the Tremere Justicar Karl Schrekt, were drawn to the city to investigate this mysterious being and its claims. Ultimately this “Caine” was found to be ruse – a compelling illusion borne of the combined powers of a Bane Mummy and two Methuselahs: the Ravnos Ankla Hotep and the Setite Nefertiti.

To complement the End of the Line LARP being enacted at World of Darkness Berlin, and to facilitate more casual ‘drop in’ play by convention attendees, we will also be promoting a second, shorter, End of the Line Storyline single game format that can be played throughout the weekend.

The full rules and additional cards for both game formats will be published shortly. If you are attending World of Darkness Berlin then please make sure you prepare for these Storylines accordingly. If you are willing, please also bring at least one spare deck suitable for play which could be loaned to another convention attendee who might want to play on the day.

Note that even if you cannot attend World of Darkness Berlin, we would like to invite you to play the same Storylines with your own play groups during the same weekend of 12th-14th May (or soon after).


From Ben Peal, Design Team Leader:
We're still reviewing the playtest report for Round One of the next V:EKN created set, and we've had some personal scheduling issues with setting up a meeting to prepare Round Two.  We've also just received the pdf file for Lore of the Bloodlines, a new book from Onyx Path Publishing that has a lot of new material for the bloodlines clans. We'll very likely be adding new cards to the set based on the material in the book.  Our apologies for the delay in getting Round Two out the door, but we'll get that done soon.

We've received permission White Wolf to do previews of the new cards in the Anthology set! You'll start seeing those in the next few days. Stay tuned! (See “Important news about Anthology” above)

From Vincent Ripoll, Ratings Coordinator:
The Tournament Winning Deck Archive (TWDA) is a chronological archive of decks that have won tournaments that were sanctioned by the Vampire: Elder Kindred Network and had 10 or more players. National and Continental Championship are included as well, irrelatively to their attendance. To be included in this list, a tournament report had to be made on the official V:EKN Player's Forum:

If you want to participate to the update of the archive, you'll need to create pull requests for this repository: (The instructions are in the file.)

If you wish to learn the basics about pull requests, you can watch this 7-minute video:

From Vincent Ripoll, Ratings Coordinator: 
There was a flaw in the validation of the new seatings, and some manual mistakes when reporting the results. As a consequence, some of the seatings used in Archon 1.5e were sub-optimal and have been fixed in the version 1.5f. From now on, we strongly recommand not to use the version 1.5e but version 1.5f :

Upcoming events:
Apr 1 – Campina Grande, Brazil: Standard constructed
Apr 1 – Reus, Catalunya, Spain: Standard constructed
Apr 1 – Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico: Standard constructed
Apr 8 – Seattle, USA: Continental Qualifier
Apr 8 – Amadora, Portugal: Standard constructed
Apr 9 – Manaus, Brazil: Standard constructed
Apr 9 – Parma, Italy: Standard constructed
Apr 14 – Helsinki, Finland: Unsanctioned tournament (multi-deck)
Apr 15 – Lille, France: Standard constructed
Apr 21 – Manaus, Brazil: Standard constructed
Apr 22 – Stockholm, Sweden: Standard constructed
Apr 30 – Macapá, Brazil: Continental Qualifier

For more information on upcoming events see the V:EKN Event Calendar.

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Happy ousting!