The VEKN invites all attendees of WOD Berlin to participate in two VTES Storyline events: The Ascension of Caine, and The End of the Line. The Ascension of Caine is a homage to a story from the 1st edition RPG and will be played all day over Friday. The End of the Line complements the LARP of the same name and can be played in a short pickup format throughout the weekend. Each game has special rules and requires special deck construction. If you would like to play but do not have a ready deck then please speak to a representative of the VEKN on the day, who may be able to help.
If you are not able to attend the World of Darkness Berlin weekend, then we would encourage you to play the same events at home with your local playgroup, either over the same weekend in May, or on another date soon after.
ASCENSION OF CAINE: spring/summer 2017 VEKN storyline
Some Kindred interested in the origins of vampires tell stories of Caine, the figure from the Bible’s Old Testament who murdered his brother in jealousy. These stories tell that God cursed Caine, forcing him to walk the night and feed of the blood of others forevermore. Caine begat vampire progeny, which in turn spawned the clans and bloodlines known by Kindred today.
Many Kindred of the Camarilla dismiss these tales as simply fantasy, with no basis in reality. Certainly there are no vampires alive today who can claim to have met Caine, or who can offer a shred of proof behind the myth.
Some Kindred however—particularly those of the Sabbat—believe the legend is real. They look to cryptic ancients texts such as the Book of Nod as proof that Caine once walked the earth.

A select few believe that Caine’s return would signal the advent of the end times, or Gehenna. They lie in wait, preparing their forces, waiting for the signs.
Nefertiti Advanced Amulet of the Ancients Visage of Caine


END OF THE LINE: summer 2017 VEKN storyline
Nobody is sure when the nightclub called the Line first appeared, or who owns it. The Line is a place where questions are best not asked. The Line is a place that welcomes all nationalities, all cultures, all creatures.
At the Line everyone are equals. Primogen rub shoulders with anarchs. Camarilla share the dancefloor with Sabbat. Grudges and affiliations are left at the door. It has always been this way, and the Management will tolerate nothing less.
The Line is a place to simply be. And everyone wants to be at the Line.