Gwendolyn Fleming

Three crypt cards were left out from the original printing of Keepers of Tradition back in 2008. Black Chantry Productions have chosen to include these cards in their reprint bundles.

The card Gwendolyn Fleming is based on a character from “World of Darkness: Hong Kong”, a 1998 crossover sourcebook for all lines of White Wolf´s Storyteller System, covering all kinds of supernatural activity in the region. Gwendolyn is of Scotish descent and was Embraced in 1758. Since early 20th century, she has established a position as "the lionesse of Hong Kong´s cultural community". Many Western Kindred (“kin-jin”) left when China reclaimed the city, but Gwendolyn remained, seeing herself as the last bastion of Western culture. Other Kindred of Hong Kong that have become VTES cards are Oliver Thrace (Tremere) and Stephen Bateson (Tzimisce masquerading as Tremere).

Name: Gwendolyn Fleming
Cardtype: Vampire
Clan: Toreador
Group: 5
Capacity: 6
Discipline: cel pro AUS PRE
Artist: Efrem Palacios

The card is rather “vanilla”, but fills it´s spot in group 5. A bit large for the weenie-PRE bleed deck, but can bounce bleeds and invoke intercept with her AUS. What everybody wonders: Is that a normal dog or a ghouled super-puppy? And what is the name of the dog?

The artist Efrem Palacios has enjoyed a splendid career since making this art, working with everything from Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone to Assassins´s Creed and Star Wars.

Gwendolyn Fleming is found in The Keepers of Tradition reprint bundle 2 together with other Toreador cards and also cards for Tremere, Ventrue and Caitiff. For a complete list of all cards in the bundle, check out the product page at

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