Oskar Anasov VTES Carmen CornetOskar Anasov - Art by Carmen Cornet.

Greetings fellow Methuselahs

Above you see art for one of the new crypt cards in Fall of London, the card set that will be out in early 2022. Two of them were previewed in the World of Darkness News show this month, in an interview with Black Chantry´s Hugh Angseesing. Check it out at the World of Darkness Youtube channel if you missed it!

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This year's South American Championship was played at the Piedra Bruja store in Santiago, Chile on November 13 with 23 players.

Note the promo card above, made also in Spanish, also awarded at the Spanish National Championship.

The top five players after the preliminary rounds were:
1. Luis Espejo 2 gw 9.0 vp
2. Matías Barros 2 gw 8.0 vp 168 tp
3. Richard Cortés 2 gw 8.0 vp 150 tp
4. Alice Victoria 2 gw 7.0 vp
5. Juan Rodríguez 1 gw 6.0 vp


Congratulations to Juan Rodríguez, champion with 1.5 vp in the final with a rather original Tzimisce deck.

VTES SAC 2021 Chile

Juan´s tournament winning deck:

Tournament winning deck:

Crypt (12)
1x Ana Rita Montaia 5 aus dom obf VIC Tzimisce:3
2x Horatio 2 vic Tzimisce:2
2x Lolita Houston 4 aus VIC Tzimisce:2
2x Meshenka 8 ANI AUS VIC Tzimisce:2
1x Olga Triminov 1 vic Pander:3
2x Caliban 6 ANI AUS VIC Tzimisce:2
1x Christine Boscacci 2 dom vic Pander:2
1x Corine Marcon 6 ani AUS VIC Tzimisce:2

Library: 81
Master (22)
1x Jake Washington
1x Antediluvian Awakening
1x KRCG News Radio
1x Library Hunting Ground
2x Perfectionist
1x Rack, The
3x Rötschreck
2x Smiling Jack, The Anarch
4x Vessel
2x Villein
2x Line, The
1x Channel 10
1x Creepshow Casino

Event (2)
2x Unmasking, The

Action (7)
7x Fiendish Tongue

Ally (11)
8x Asanbonsam Ghoul
2x War Ghoul
1x Carlton Van Wyk

Equipment (2)
1x Living Manse
1x Bowl of Convergence

Action Modifier (8)
8x Changeling

Action Modifier/Combat (7)
7x Plasmic Form

Combat (10)
3x Breath of the Dragon
7x Chiropteran Marauder

Reaction (12)
3x Eyes of Argus
3x On the Qui Vive
6x Telepathic Misdirection

SAC 2021 VTES playmat

The official SAC 2021 playmat, with Backways art by Clint Langley.

Thanks to organizer Gonzalo Andrés del Rio Díaz, players and helpers!

VTES Spain 2021


A whopping 112 players turned up to play the Spanish National Championship at Restaurante 88 in San Vicente del Raspeig on November 27, possibly the largest national tournament ever.

Standings after the preliminary rounds:
1. Bram van Stappen 3 11.0
2. Oriol Pubill Guilló 2 11.0
3. Julio García Martín 2 10.5
4. Hugh Angseesing 2 8.5
5. David Fraile Zamorano 2 8.0

Spain 2021 VTES prize cup Spain 2021 VTES counters
Spain 2021 VTES prizes Spain 2021 VTES
Spain 2021 VTES Spain 2021 VTES finalists

VTES Spain 2021 final

Congratulations to David Fraile Zamorano, who took 2.5 victory points in the final.

David's tournament winning deck:

3 Owain Evans
3 Blackhorse Tanner
2 Neighbour John
1 Jephra Hester
1 Edward Nelly
1 Joseph O´grady
1 Charice Fontaigne

1 Corporate Hunting Ground
1 The Coven
1 Creepshow Casino
1 Direct Intervention
2 Dreams Of The Sphinx
1 Giants Blood
1 Hungry Coyote
2 Pentex Subversion
1 Vessel
2 Wash
2 Wider View

14 Govern the Unaligned
2 Dominate Kine

1 .44 Magnum
1 Bowl of Convergence
2 Heart of Nizchetus
1 Kevlar Vest
1 Mylan Horseed
1 Mr. Winthrop

6 Bonding
1 Conditioning
2 Daring The Dawn
1 Foreshadowing Destruction
6 Freak Drive
2 Kiss of Ra
5 Murmur Of The False Will

1 Armor of Vitality
2 Soak
5 Rolling with the Punches

8 Deflection
8 Eyes Of Argus
2 On The Qui Vive
1 Redirection
2 Telepathic Misdirection

Noora Hirvonen VTES art Gines Quinonero VTES art

Special thanks to the artists Noora Hirvonen and Ginés Quiñonero who graced this event with their presence and wonderful VTES art! (see above)

Also thanks the sponsors Ultra Pro, Black Penny Games, Black Chantry Productions, Glass Workshop, Drivethrucards and Hostal La Lonja.

And, of course, thanks to head organizers José Más Cruz and Andrés Serrano, all others that helped and to the fantastic players!

2021 Finland floor VTES

53 players (impressive!) turned up at Library Entresse in Espoo. Head organizer was Tero Aalto.

The top five players after three preliminary rounds:
1. Tommi Hakomaa 2 8.0
2. Akseli Jalava 2 6.0
2. Magnus Söder 1 8.0
3. Juri Juskevits 1 7.0
4. Joona Tuominen 1 6.0

2021 VTES Finland final tableCongratulations Akseli Jalava, new Finnish champion, with 2 victory points in the final. Read a bit more, including all final decks, and discuss this event at the VEKN.net forum.

2021 Finland VTES

Finalists Joona, Tommi, Akseli (champion) and Magnus.

Akseli´s tournament winning deck: “Avarakatseisuuden riemulaulu”

Crypt (12; Capacity min=3 max=8 avg=6.2)
1x Ermenegildo, The Rake 5 pot DOM OBT Lasombra:4
2x Isanwayen 6 DOM MYT OBT Kiasyd:4
2x Arcadian, The 8 chi for DOM MYT OBT Kiasyd:5
1x Lucy Markowitz 3 dom obt Lasombra:4
1x Omme Enberbenight 7 cel dom MYT OBT Kiasyd:4
1x Onaedo 6 aus pot DOM OBT Lasombra:4
1x Pherydima 8 obt pot DOM MYT NEC Kiasyd:4
1x Badr, Shadow of Granada 7 DOM OBT POT Lasombra:5
1x Roderick Phillips March 7 cel obt tha DOM MYT Kiasyd:4
1x Dame Hollerton 5 myt DOM OBT Kiasyd:4

Library: 83
Master (19)
1x Coven, The
1x Direct Intervention
4x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Giant's Blood
1x Great Symposium
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
4x Villein
6x Wider View

Event (1)
1x Scourge of the Enochians

Action (15)
10x Govern the Unaligned
4x Gremlins
1x Song of Pan

Ally (7)
1x Mylan Horseed
6x Nocturn

Equipment (1)
1x Heart of Nizchetus

Action Modifier (20)
1x Blanket of Night
2x Bonding
4x Conditioning
3x Shadow Play
5x Shroud of Absence
2x Shroud of Night
3x Stone Travel

Action Modifier/Combat (2)
2x Fae Contortion

Combat (4)
4x Shadow Body

Reaction (14)
4x On the Qui Vive
2x Redirection
6x Deflection
2x Delaying Tactics

Thanks to the organizers, the library, the sponsor Ultra Pro and all players!

Belgium VTES 2021


This year´s Belgian championship gathered 17 players at The Outpost in Brussels on November 6. The organizer (AND champion!) has written an nice report - check it out the VEKN.net forum!

Standings before the final:
1.Emiliano Imeroni 2 8.0
2. Jonathan Sinien 1 6.0
3. Nicolas Verhille 1 5.0
4. Vincent Ripoll 1 4.0
5. Bart Jansen 1 3.0 2021 VTES Belgium final

Congratulations Emiliano, who got 4 victory points in the final (Vincent Ripoll sniped 1).

The tournament winning deck: “Infernal Princes of Anarchy”
“All credit to the deck's creator, grandmaster Bram Van Stappen! Thank you! A new generation of the classic "Royalty" deck based on the new cheap Fifth Edition Princes, with the "Reckless" support of Anarch Barons and of the invaluable Lutz-cancelling star Arishat. Instructions for use: steal deck from Bram the day before the event, then quickly unleash your political might on everyone while trying to stay (barely) alive.”

Crypt (12)
3x Arishat 6 DAI OBF PRE 1 vote Baali:6
1x Alice Chen 7 dom obf FOR PRE prince Ventrue:6
1x Benjamin Rose 7 ani pot AUS OBF prince Nosferatu:5
1x Graham Gottesman 7 obf pre tha DOM FOR prince Ventrue:5
1x Karen Suadela 7 obf pre CEL POT prince Brujah:5
1x Andi Liu 6 aus obf pre DOM prince Malkavian:6
1x Belinde 6 ani aus pot OBF prince Nosferatu:6
1x Benedito, a Lanterna 6 ani aus obf POT baron Nosferatu:6
1x Donny Kowalczyk 6 obf dom cel AUS prince Malkavian:6
1x Jacques Rouge 6 ani pot pre OBF baron Nosferatu:6

Library (62)
Master (23)
9x Ashur Tablets
1x Coven, The
1x Creepshow Casino
3x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Giant's Blood
4x Information Highway
3x Parthenon, The
1x Protected Resources

Action (1)
1x Unleash Hell's Fury

Political Action (18)
1x Ancilla Empowerment
3x Kine Resources Contested
1x Neonate Breach
8x Parity Shift
4x Reckless Agitation
1x Rumors of Gehenna

Action Modifier (13)
1x Bewitching Oration
1x Faceless Night
5x Forgotten Labyrinth
2x Lost in Crowds
2x Perfect Paragon
2x Voter Captivation

Combat (5)
4x Majesty
1x Staredown

Reaction (2)
2x Second Tradition: Domain

Thanks to organizers, helpers and players!

Decks to beat VTES Top 3


The last twelve month, Rudolf Scholtz and I (Henrik) wrote a series of articles in these newsletters called "Decks to beat". We took a look at the most prominent tournament winning decks of each month in the years 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015, all presented with some modern comments. With “prominent” we mean the winning deck in the tournament with most participants. Sure, this was only a small selection of decks and better data are available (the whole TWDA!), but I couldn´t resist compiling what cards were most common in these 48 decks:

Decks to beat VTES Top 30


  • The top card is Deflection, a discipline card, not a generic card. Govern the Unaligned and Conditioning are also high on the list, suggesting Dominate is a very strong and popular discipline.
  • Some cards, most notably Wake with Evening´s Freshness and Minion Tap, now have very strong "replacements" in One the Qui Vive and Villein. While still playable, the new cards are almost always better. Blood Doll is special - many consider Vessel its equivalent, not strictly better.
  • Obfuscate seems to be a strong discipline, and Lost in Crowds (powerful) and Swallowed by the Night (flexible) are the most played Obfuscate cards.
  • Kine Resources Contested is the best vote card. It still shows up in most political decks, although not in as great numbers as earlier.

Did you miss any of the Decks to beat articles? Browse the newsletter archive, starting November 2020.

World of Darkness Nexus


During the pandemic, playing roleplaying games online by video link has really exploded, reaching a populartity that few could guess it would ever be near. This month we want to highlight World of Darkness Nexus, the upcoming official digital toolset for online play of Vampire: The Masquerade and other World of Darkness games. It will be produced by Demiplane, who does a similar tool for Pathfinder RPG. Check out the video below, the announcement in World of Darkness News and visit www.worldofdarknessnexus.com!

Black Chantry logo


  • The four new Fifth Edition preconstructed decks (Banu Haqim, Brujah, Gangrel and The Ministry) are now in stores! If your local store or favorite webshop is out of stock, please tell them to contact their distributor or Black Chantry directly.
  • Black Chantry members try to attend VTES events - Hugh and Ginés were at NC Spain, Vincent was at NC Belgium and Henrik was at NC Finland. Tournament results may vary, but its nice to meet in person again - hope new lockdowns are few and short!

VTES Legacy singles

  • More Legacy cards are being prepared for print-on-demand at Drivethrucards. Current top sellers are the above nastiness!
  • Hugh was the guest at World of Darkness news in the beginning of this month (see above), to talk about the new releases and the future of VTES. It was a nice chat, don´t miss it!
  • The last touches are put into both the Fall of London and the New Blood set. Release for both: Early 2022, we´ll see what is ready first.

VTES Fifth EditionVTES Products 2021-11

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