Disciplines: icondisdominate icondismytherceria icondisobtenebration
Sect: Sabbat
Nickname: Weirdlings
The origins of the Kiasyd bloodline have been lost to the passage of centuries. The most pervasive theory attributes their creation to unholy experimentation by the Lasombra with the blood of the Wild Ones and forbidden deals made with demons.
The Kiasyd are scholars and keepers of secrets. Their inquisitive natures hide devious, twisted personalities, warped by massive amounts of forbidden lore and propbably the fae blood that contributed to their initial creation.

icondismytherceria A collection of powers attributed to the faeries and inclined toward the exposure of new knowledge, Mytherceria has driven many of its victims to babbling madness, or at least frustration.

-- Guide to the Sabbat
  V:TES Notes  
The Kiasyd cards mix well with the Lasombra and, to a lesser extent, with the Tremere and Malkavians. Given their capacities, they could be played on their own (doubling up on copies in the crypt), but are strongest when mixed with other clans.

New Term:
Cold Iron Vulnerability

 Damage a minion or retainer with cold iron vulnerability receives from a cold iron weapon is aggravated.

"Cold Iron" is a designation printed on an equipment card, like "Gun" or "Vehicle" is. Any weapon without that designation is not considered to be a cold iron weapon.

  Card Preview  
Béatrice L'Angou
Kiasyd. 5 capacity. aus dom nec MYT
Sabbat: Cold iron vulnerability.
Like all Kiasyd cards in the Bloodlines expansion, Béatrice has cold iron vulnerability (see new rule above). She's the youngest Kiasyd from the expansion, and so would likely be a top choice of many decks that wanted to include the clan.