Disciplines: icondispotence icondispresence icondistemporis
Sect: Independent
Nickname: Elois
The Kindred calling themselves the True Brujah claim that the founder of the clan met his death at the hand of his childe, and that all of those who call themselves "Brujah" are, in truth, descendants of this diablerist.
Unlike the "false" Brujah, the True Brujah are emotionally detached. A bloodline of scholars, chroniclers and knowledge-seekers, the True Brujah view the world dispassionately.

icondistemporis Temporis, the Discipline of time-flow manipulation, is a taxing Discipline to use, as it channels the very mystic forces that suspend the vampire in eternal unlife to apply similar suspensions of linear time to the immediate environment.

-- Vampire Storytellers Handbook
  V:TES Notes  
The True Brujah cards mix well with the Brujah, Brujah antitribu, and the Followers of Set. Each of the True Brujah vampires is marked "scarce" (See Nagaraja Preview), so they aren't suited for single-clan play.
  Card Preview  
Rewind Time
Reaction. Temporis/Presence. 2 blood.
Presence: Reduce a bleed against you by 1.
Temporis: Burn an action card as it is played. That card has no effect (the acting minion is not tapped).
Superior Temporis: Burn a non-out-of-turn master card as it is played (usable by a ready, untapped vampire even though there is no action). That card has no effect. The Methuselah who played it retrieves the pool cost of that card from the blood bank and gains another master phase action.
The archetypical Temporis effect, Rewind Time gives the ability to perform an effect similar to, but weaker than, Direct Intervention at normal and similar to, but weaker than, Sudden Reversal at superior. Despite the weaker effect, the ability to use this card without spending a master phase action (or pool) yourself can be invaluable.