Disciplines: icondisfortitude icondisnecromancy icondisobfuscate icondisthanatosis
Sect: Independent
Nickname: Stiffs
The Samedi may be an offshoot of the Nosferatu or a branch of the Giovanni. Neither clan will take the credit (or the blame?) for these Kindred. The Samedi are easily identified by the shreds of rotting flesh constantly falling from their bodies.
Nosferatu are ugly, but Samedi are corpselike, revealing a bit too much about the true nature of vampirism for other Kindred to be comfortable around them. For their own part, the Samedi enjoy keeping everyone else off-balance, as it makes their usual job of bodyguard that much easier.

icondisthanatosis The practitioners of Thanatosis are obsessed with the appearance of death. This Discipline is used to impart the appearance or the actual debilitating effects of death and decomposition.

-- Vampire Players Guide, Second Edition
-- Guide to the Camarilla
  V:TES Notes  
The Samedi cards mix well with the Giovanni and Harbingers of Skulls, and to a lesser extent, with the Ventrue. The Samedi can be played in a single-clan deck but, like most bloodlines, don't have the numbers to be as strong alone as when mixed with other clans.
  Card Preview  
The Baron
Samedi. 9 capacity. dom FOR NEC OBF THN
Independent: The Baron has two votes. During your untap phase, if The Baron is ready, you may look at the hand of each Methuselah who controls a ready Giovanni. +1 bleed.
The Baron is widely viewed as the patriarch of the clan. He is the oldest Samedi in the set and has the Disciplines and special abilities to match.
This card will also be featured in several magazines as a promotional card to mark the release of the Bloodlines set.