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03 Jun 2016 05:42 #77077 by brandonsantacruz

Considering a 5-player game A > B > C > D > E

Early in the game, C and D have both a vampire, and D can diablerize C's vampire.

A has the final decision about the blood hunt.

1/ if asked before the diablerie, what should be A's decision (or table talk) before the diablerie happens
2/ nonetheless, D diablerizes C. Should A stick to his or her previous decision (whatever it was), or reconsider?

1) try to win concessions from player d or c. Whoever it seems like you should back is the one you should choose. Usually it is best to keep people fighting, so diablerie may not help that.
2) If you made a deal that early in the game you should stick with it unless it is really idiotic not to. Don't taint the rest of the game with the moniker "dealbreaker," unless of course you can make that game end quickly.

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03 Jun 2016 06:25 #77079 by Juggernaut1981
If D is the diablerist, hamstring D if and only if you don't want D to be on the table in a 3-player configuration.

If you'd prefer C to not be on a 3-player table with you and one other player, then let D live.

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