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30 Jan 2011 18:18 #944 by Joscha

What are the non-card bleed actions?

...a bleed for 1

...which you make back up when you bleed with Legal Manipulations

Hm, the Last Evil Eye-deck I saw (on the German Championships) was ousted by Lutz von Hohenzollern bleeding him for 3 every turn. To make up the poolloss he had to bleed every turn with his Unnamed to generate pool. So he was unable to play Evil Eyes on the pol. actions called by his prey, getting add. damage through the KRCs plus Lutz' special. Admitted this was more or less a worst case scenario for that deck and maybe the players didn't play very well (Maleficia on the second minion instead on The Unnamed would have worked better). But IMHO Evil Eye has a significant weakness.

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07 Feb 2011 12:51 #1146 by Lazoth
As the aforementioned user of Evil Eye, I do find it will jam your hand if they are doing cardless and if you have to tap your MAL minions. Having said that sometimes that jamming can work out well if they need to take a lot of card based and you have 3 or 4 sitting in hand, as my pred found out tonight after having 3 pol actions cancelled in 1 turn.

So how do you intend to survive?
Bleed faster
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