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19 Jun 2020 10:52 - 19 Jun 2020 10:53 #100132 by Poci
Sorry Lip, it's obviously not against you and you are correct, the topic is slipping, but it's also clear why. I really wish this whole discussion and what's causing it would simply not exist at all. From the generic responses to the topic though, now that there are plenty of them, you can sort of measure where the majority stands though. If you followed the discussion on all platforms, the 3 sides are
1. "this new rule is good",
2. "do something, but not this" and
3. "it's fine the way it is"
Now, option #1 has barely any backers, period. option #2 is much more popular and got a lot of suggestions and is rougly around the popularity of option #3, on the condition if the devs decide that something HAS to be done. I'm all for an actual poll about this!

He deliberately avoided to give an answer to anything I asked in my first post and stated his rights? Who the hell questioned his rights and what he can or cannot do, first of all? I didn't say what I said to him because of what I think of his rights, but because of multiple kinds of irritating behavior from him. If you do, or say stupid shit and try to back it up the ways he does, I'm gonna call you out on it and it's really that simple.

The reason I compared him and that specific thing was because it's something that everyone knows, understands, so it's easily understandable. I'm not any-phobic, be it race, gender, religion or whatever else people are offended about nowadays, but if anyone got offended by the comparison, I'm sorry for that.
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19 Jun 2020 14:01 #100141 by beslin igor
Lip all what you wrote is in place!
And this topic is not for discusions what Poci and me have here.
But you can see with Poci comment him have something personaly against me because of test new rulings.
Im for change current rule,and I hope that will happen,with current BC ofer or something diferent,I only want beter chance for players who contest vampires,to they have his games and beter chance to won.
Poci dint know but one of players who contest vampires in this finals game say in facebook page how him chance to won game is 0%,is that ok to we have rule where players after game say I can won 0% chance?
Is smal tournament and every player know every deck oponent in finals and these 2 players know before start to they can contest whole crypt,so both think before game: Im sure I will lose this.
Also much people in facebook pages say how they have house rules to give beter chance people who contest vampires,so they all agre how curent rule is not good.
Lets change somehow then,maybe people need to share more and more his house rule to we see what is best solution.
But for sure curent rule wont be changed this year.

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19 Jun 2020 14:13 - 19 Jun 2020 14:30 #100144 by Yomyael
The statement I disagree most with is that you have to have more than 0% chance to win in every game. In a tournament a while ago I played a Ravnos Clown Car. In the last round before the final my initial predator was a Weenie Dominate deck and my prey was a Saulot wall. I had no chance whatsoever to win that round since it would have taken a lot of help to oust my initial prey and more time than I had against the Weenie Dominate deck. The three of us also made the final, with me beeing so low seeded that we ended up in that exact same seating. So I knew from the start how the game was going to play out for me (especially since my grandprey also was the same as in the round before). So I lost - because of the deck choice I made when starting the tournament. This can happen and it should happen, to ensure that there isn't the best deck around and one has to include the meta into decision making before the tournament. Contesting helps with keeping strong vampires in check. Without it, vampires have to be reballanced a LOT.

Edit: This reasoning mostly applies to the tournament scene. In a casual game I can understand that contesting is very frustrating, so there things could be changed up, e.g. by talking to your fellow players beforehand or changing decks as soon as you know that contest will happen. In tournaments, these losses aren't "random" in my opinion, as many people call them, but they are a consequence of playing popular decks. And especially in this game, the decks at a tournament should be as diverse as possible. Contest helps with that.

Prince of Bonn, Germany
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