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09 Aug 2011 15:41 - 09 Aug 2011 15:55 #7709 by Karo
Awesome work :)) In printing for casual gamin ;)

Also few changes suggested:
Amanda ; 1 pool
Tristan; same text as Alejandro Aguirre
Marius; on a tie?
Dame; superior Thanatosis
Guillermo; 1 blood

former NC for Croatia
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09 Aug 2011 15:43 - 09 Aug 2011 15:46 #7710 by Boris The Blade
What you meant for the Connected is probably "Slave: Unique Malkavian Antitribu". Since they are !malk! themselves, one of them alone is enough to fulfill th Slave requirement and I don't think that was the idea.

It requires a bit of rule bending, though, since th Slave trait is supposed to be followed by a Clan alone. Either make them Pander or update the Slave rule a bit to fit them in.
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09 Aug 2011 15:44 #7711 by Pendargon
Very nice work, awesome design, and above all, most of the vampires seem nice and balanced.

Good work!

:QUI: :POT: :OBE: :CEL: :OBF: :tore: :assa:

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09 Aug 2011 16:58 #7713 by Pendargon
I've seen them all now, and his is my comment again : Good work!
These are vampires i feel need additional work :

I feel that her ability needs to work in referendums you call, not all referendums. We do not want improved Lutz, this time with dom/OBF on tables.

He, i feel, need at least basic animalism, otherwise i feel he will rarely see any play as a Tzimitze. Also, thematically, since Berlin is a Ventrue stronghold, he should have his conditional +1 bleed against them, not Tremere.

Text needs more work. Does she put Sup, or inf Shambler into play? By the rules, it will be inferior version, but i think you wanted to make it superior.

Too strong. Text too strong, PRE totally overpowered.

Nice idea, but his special ability takes too long to play out, and i suspect it is not amusing after first two times.

Too powefull text on a 7-cap with 2 votes and those disciplines (outferior dom, with all that?). Needs rework, or no text at all, imho.

Too strong text, make it last until the end of your current minion phase.

Remove the -1 penalty on strength, otherwise the poor scarecrow will never see play. He has 4 inferior disciplines already for a 5-cap.

Imho, too good discipline spread. FOR or THA and/or pro has to go.

Take this cum grano salis, this are just my superficial impressions. Great work, great art, great design. Keep it up!

:QUI: :POT: :OBE: :CEL: :OBF: :tore: :assa:

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09 Aug 2011 17:03 #7714 by Mael
Very nice work. I really like the art and as a whole they're interesting and thematic.
A couple of minor questions are
1) Why group 6 instead of group 5?
and 2) Do you not like the black hand?

Apart from that, on balance, cost and wording issues

Might be better if her ability required burning blood instead of pool to use it. As printed, I think she's overcost (compare to Melinda Galbraith for example)

Too expensive for someone with no title or ability. (compare with any other 8 cap Brujah or !Brujah from group 3 onwards)

I like her, but maybe make her ability "during your discard phase" to prevent her regaining the blood during the same turn, and to prevent her using her ability during combat. I'm not sure which of these is more balanced as this is a fairly unique ability so difficult to cost, so maybe you prefer it work during combat.

Initially seems a bit on the cheap side, but the fact that she has only basic presence is probably enough to make up for this.

I don't think the text works well as written. Replace the second "during" with "for".
During your untap phase, if you control the edge, Carles can burn 1 blood to get +1 bleed for the turn.
I'm not sure if he's the right cost as it's difficult to know what that ability is worth.

Connected to the madness
I like the concept, think it's well priced and balanced, but I just don't like the name, sorry.

I don't think her ability is worth it for a 9 cap with no title, no other ability, and only basic level of the discipline that she gets a discount on. Also, why does she only have Thanatosis at basic? All the other vampires who get a discount on a particular discipline have the discipline at superior. (Compare with Izhim abd Azrael or Una for cost)

At that cost and discipline level, he should be an Archbishop.

has too few disciplines for a 7 cap with what would normally be an effectively blank text box.

Dascot Thousand Arms
He would be much better as an 8 cap with superior Animilism (and maybe 1 vote or an extra minor discipline depending on how you price his ability)

The ability text should read
Dean can enter combat with a younger vampire as a D action.
(ie, add the words "as a"). Apart from that, I think the -1 strength, combined with his only basic level disciplines makes him too difficult to play.

Estrella Shadow
I like her. Very nice thematic ability, well balanced and priced. My only minor niggle with this card is that the wording on the ability seems a bit unwieldy. I'm not sure how to clean it up though.

Flavia Fratelli
Should have 1 less point of disciplines for an 8 cap archbishop with no ability or drawback. (compare Sobayifa, Polly Kay Fisher or Lukas, or compare Falhu Shibaba for an 8 cap Magaji with 9 points of disciplines and a drawback)

I've only looked at the first 20 in detail at the moment, the others of them all seem correctly balanced. I'll probably review the others later this evening or tomorrow.

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09 Aug 2011 17:17 #7716 by Mael

Imho, too good discipline spread. FOR or THA and/or pro has to go.

She is an 11 cap. Fakir al Sidi has got all 3 of those disciplines at superior already, albeit without any title.

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