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24 May 2012 20:16 #31121 by echiang
Dear VTES Community,

I'm not sure what's going to happen now with the storyline, but I wanted to share with my fellow players the storyline plans I had originally planned for 2012. I've been working on this for around a year and a half now - got hung up on the fiction and I wish I had posted details much earlier.

The idea was to tie together a series of Constructed and Limited Storylines (along with the NAC Storyline) centered around a classic sect conflict over the iconic city of Atlanta (which was featured heavily in the Clan Novel Saga). Note that this idea was developed independently from the Atlanta playgroup's "Battle for Atlanta" league which is different. There would be a winning clan for the Constructed, for the Limited, and for the NAC storyline, and clan participation would also be tracked across all the events for a winning clan in that category as well.

If the VEKN is still interested in running this, they're certainly welcome to. Similarly, if any players / princes / tournament organizers like the format and want to give it a try, I would be honored if they ran such an event and would love to hear about it. Depending on their location I might even be able to send them some promos. Back in January, we had plans to offer storyline packages available for purchase through Rose Tatu Productions and Walch & Nusser but it's up to them if they want to still make them available.

The Siege of Atlanta

Background: The Sabbat attempt to hold on to Atlanta while the Camarilla tries to take the city back. Other factions look for an opportunity to seize control. The Constructed event focuses on a sect battle for political power and control over the city while the Limited event is centered around key locations.

I. Special Rules:

A. Any vampire can burn a blood to attempt a +1 stealth action to become the Lord of Atlanta (unique 2-vote city title with no sect requirement). Taking this action may lead to a contested title. Any older vampire who is currently Lord of Atlanta or contesting the Lord of Atlanta may burn a blood to make this action fail (when the action is announced, the acting minion remains tapped).

1. If the Lord of Atlanta is Camarilla, Sabbat, or Anarch, then treat her as having the respective city title (Prince, Archbishop, or Baron)

2. If the Lord of Atlanta is Laibon, treat her as a Magaji

3. Any vampire who would become Prince or Archbishop of Atlanta instead becomes the Lord of Atlanta.

Note: Vampires such as Rake or Antonio Delgado automatically come into play as the Lord of Atlanta (contesting immediately if appropriate).

B. Any vampire contesting the Lord of Atlanta may enter combat with another vampire contesting the Lord of Atlanta as a +1 stealth (D) action.

C. The Lord of Atlanta may bleed at +2 bleed as a (D) action that costs 1 blood.

D. If you control the uncontested Lord of Atlanta during your untap phase, you must choose one of the following effects:

1. Get +2 hand size until the end of the turn
2. Gain a pool
3. Move a blood from the bank to a minion in your uncontrolled region

If you control any of the following vampires and they are the uncontested Lord of Atlanta during your untap phase, they gain the Overlord of Atlanta card and you may benefit from the above effect an additional time (your second benefit may be the same as the first or a different effect):

Victorine Lafourcade
Victor Donaldson
Antonio Delgado
Dr. Julius Sutphen
Victoria Ash
Jane Sims

E. The Praxis Seizure: Atlanta and Crusade: Atlanta have a different functionality. Instead, treat them as the same card (no sect requirement):

+1 stealth political action. Requires a vampire contesting the Lord of Atlanta. If this referendum is successful, then the acting vampire immediately receives the Lord of Atlanta title while all other vampires contesting the title yield. Each vampire contesting the Lord of Atlanta gets an additional 2 votes in this referendum.

II. Deck Construction

Choose a clan/bloodline and a sect (Camarilla, Sabbat, Independent, Laibon, Anarch, or Imbued).

Note: Caitiff is not a clan. Anarch and Imbued are not normally sects, but will be counted as separate sects for tallying storyline results and will follow special crypt construction rules.

100% of the minions in your crypt must belong to your chosen sect

Note: If you are playing Camarilla Nosferatu you may not include Rabbat, the Sewer Goddess (Independent). She could be included in Independent decks though.

At least 75% of the minions in your crypt must belong to your chosen clan.

The Grouping rule is ignored.

Imbued can be played but then your crypt must be 100% Imbued.

Any clan can choose to support the Anarchs. In this case, at least one vampire in your crypt but no more than 75% of your crypt, must all belong to the chosen clan (they can be of any sect and any groupings). The remaining cards in your crypt must be composed of only Anarch Converts.

Example: You can make a standard 75% Brujah and 25% Anarch Convert deck, or 50% Brujah and 50% Anarch Converts. If you really wanted you could include a single copy of a Brujah and 11 Anarch Converts (which wouldn't be that much different from including 6 copies of the same Brujah and 6 Anarch Converts).

Kiasyd players may choose to support the Sabbat as normal (their entire crypt must then be Sabbat). Alternatively, due to the results of the Battle Lines storyline, Kiasyd players may choose to support the Independent sect. This decision is made at the start of the tournament and applies throughout all games. If Independent, then:

1. Treat all of your Kiasyd crypt cards as having “Independent” on their card text instead of “Sabbat” (this applies even when these crypt cards are not in play and for purposes of crypt construction).

2. Treat all printed Sabbat titles on your Kiasyd as equivalent non-unique Independent titles (i.e. Bishop = 1 vote, Archbishop or Priscus = 2 votes)

In addition to the cards normally banned in VEKN tournaments, the only other banned card for this storyline event is Recalled to the Founder.

III. Results

(These were the original plans):

Please record the chosen clan for each player at the tournament (used later on for determining attendance). The represented clan will be tallied from each Constructed storyline, each Limited storyline, and the One-Shot storyline. The clan represented the most number of times wins.

Also collect the winning deck list. Please take note of any particularly interesting crypts/decks seen during the tournament (for insights on the Grouping rule).

The winning player may choose a Key Minion (mainly for flavor purposes), which must be a minion present in her crypt (but does not necessarily have to be from the chosen Clan).

A winning player contributes to both her chosen Sect and chosen Clan. At the end of the storyline, the Sect with the most number of wins will gain control of Atlanta and the Clan which contributed the most number of wins to that Sect will play a very influential role. Will clans work together to support their sect? Or will infighting amongst the clans allow an opposing sect to seize dominance?

In some cases, a particular clan could conceivably support different sects. But only wins contributing to the winning Sect will be considered in determining the winning clan.

Example: Suppose these were the following results:

2 Ventrue (Camarilla) wins
1 Followers of Set (Camarilla) wins
3 Followers of Set (Independent) wins
1 Followers of Set (Sabbat) win
4 Assamite (Independent) wins

In previous storylines (and in the Limited Storyline and the Overall Participation count), you just ignore sect and look at total clan wins: Ventrue have 2, Setite have 5, Assamites have 4, so Followers of Set win!

For the Constructed Storyline, you first tally up by Sect: 3 Camarilla, 7 Independent, and 1 Sabbat. So Independents have the most wins. Then you look at who contributed the most to those 7 Independent wins (3 Setite vs 4 Assamite). Assamites contributed the most to the Independent victory, so Assamites win (even though the Followers of Set had more total wins spread throughout the sects).
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29 May 2012 17:48 #31380 by Vlad
Great one too...

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02 Jun 2012 20:04 - 02 Jun 2012 20:08 #31619 by Lost_Heretic
Ignoring the grouping rule doesn't seem like a good idea. Has that been done in other storyline tournaments?

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02 Jun 2012 21:38 #31620 by TorranceCircle

Ignoring the grouping rule doesn't seem like a good idea. Has that been done in other storyline tournaments?

It was done in the 2010 Battlelines storyline event. I played a Tru Brujah vote/multiact deck.

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02 Jun 2012 23:18 #31627 by Jeff Kuta

Ignoring the grouping rule doesn't seem like a good idea. Has that been done in other storyline tournaments?

Breaking the rules in Storyline events is a good thing IMO. They can provide a way to try out ideas (like ignoring the grouping rule) in a small controlled environment. If the changes are worthwhile, they might migrate into the wider game, though I doubt this will happen with the grouping rule. Some of the weaker clans benefit more from Dial-a-crypt (the major clans already have all the holes filled for the most part) and helping the small clans is just fine with me.

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03 Jun 2012 07:13 #31646 by Haze
I dislike the 100% sect rule in crypt construction, it makes some bloodlines even more impractical to play.
e.g. Samedi, Daughters of Cacophony

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