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17 Jun 2014 14:25 #63187 by ReverendRevolver

Since no-one else has mentioned it yet, I'll mention Flight. Yes, it's not a discipline. Yes, it doesn't really have an inferior. Yes, it's stuck mostly with Gargoyles (until the Design Team release Wing and a Prayer, which will include cackling airborne Malkavians (*)). But it's actually quite cool as a pseudo-discipline. Stealth! Intercept! Freak! Perma-ish maneuvers! Annoyingly complicated combat support! Alas for it being mostly Gargoyle only.

(*) May be a lie.

Mikkel and I jist had a conversarion about Gargoyles being bad because you can pick ANYTHING for a discipline, run midcaps and weenies with said discipline, one vamp with thaum, magic of the smith for textbook damnation, heidleberg it to another vamp, then; concodance (free, per textbbook) as the crow, next person cangrab textbook, next turn they get concordance and untap, castle to another person who gets concordance and untaps.....

You get the idea. You end up with a,ready region full of flying, agg is normal, burn a blood to untap during imfluence, +1 strength -1 stealth dudes with better disciplines than gargoyles. No idea WTF to DO with it, other than aforementiones malkavians, or maybe weenie potence or Nos/Anti nos with potence to grapple n press and crows, since treating agg as normal and untapping for free is alot like having fortitude.

But, flights my favorite "inferior" as well. Finally got some swoops to use it good.

Doms the best.

Army of rats and taking the skin minion are my favorite cards to play at "just the inferior"

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09 Jul 2014 20:38 - 09 Jul 2014 20:40 #63595 by Yochanan
Fortitude for freak drive and prevent, presence for S:CE, and Obfuscate for decent stealth.
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