file what would you like as prize support

29 Dec 2014 03:58 #68315 by ICL
Thing I want most, especially for V:TES, is a nice playmat. Still the best prize I've ever gotten from a CCG tournament.

While I don't really need more cards and artwork is awkward for me as I don't put up artwork anywhere, not even the original art for Laecanus, I do like cards signed by artists, whoever designed the card, or the like. I used to get Babylon 5 cards signed by the actors, and I always tried to get additional messages written on them, so more than just a signature is good. The benefit of this is that it's something you can actually take with you and have show up when you play.

I'd be good with interesting beads/counters. The prize ones had the problem that they weren't all that unique. I can see continental champions getting purple ones with some design, tournament winners getting amber ones with some design, or whatever.

Alternate art versions of staplish cards would be really good. I could certainly use more Villeins, On the Qui Vives, and maybe a few others.

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